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Good News - Good Support! - Carers UK Forum

Good News - Good Support!

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Just a quick bit of good news in the Mental Health side of things.
I'm working with Staff in the Mental Health inpatient wards to organise a new support system for Carers. It will be a meeting, monthly at the start for Carers, with the main focus being that someone like myself, who has been a Carer of someone with Mental Health problems for a number of years, is there to relate to the new Carer. There will also be trained nurses, and maybe even a Doctor there to answer any questions personally or give advice, or just a hug or two!
I started up a website a couple of years ago for the same thing, but it didn't take off (due, I think, to not having enough advertising) so this group is being called after my website - 'The Carer's Retreat'.
Yay - Caring for Carers is happening in one small part of Peterborough! Image
Pamela, I am so pleased that you have been able to do this.One of the things I found most difficult with Rhys was that I had nobody to talk to, who could understand. It made such a difference to me when I cried to another Parent Carer of someone with a learning disability, and she thought I was teetering on the edge of a breakdown, and asked my permission to get in touch with someone she knew who may be able to support me.
It made such a difference. The lady did get in touch, and the support person was from MIND. She took me out once a month for coffee and a cry,and lots of laughs as it turned out.
A supportive person in the right place might just be all that a Carer needs. I truly hope it takes off well.
With love.x
well done i hope it is a great success
Fabulous news, well done. x x
Excellent news, Pamela.
Everyone benefits from this kind of mentoring friend.
Nobody knows like those who know.