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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My name is Jim im 49 and care for my wife who was diagnosed szchizophrenia 9 years ago . I held down a F/t job for all this time with the exception from May this year where it all became too much and i became ill. During this time i was off i made my first contact with my local carers centre who were brilliant and for the first time ever i spoke to someone who really understood. Ongoing from there i decided to resign and care f/t for my wife who over the past year has become more dependant and have had little help with exception of social worker , Chmt and cpn. My wife takes 750mg a day anti-psychotic drug which ive been told is very high dosage . Anyhow we have income of dla carers allowance znd income support at the moment which i am greatful for and has taken huge burden of us. However we are in a area where PIP is to be rolled out soon and i am worried sick for our future. Losing finance would mean i would need to gain employment and would never ever be able to combine the level of care my wife needs and f/t work. We havd been married 15 years and love her dearly but froghtened for the future. We had to have a alarm system fitted as my wife a lot of nights tries to leave the house so again this makes even sleeping an issue which is currently not a issue but ahain massive impact holding down employment . Im sorry if i have went on a rant but exceptionally worried about our future .

hi James
Sorry to hear you are so worried and sorry too that I have no expertise and cannot help other than to say click on the red 'Help and Advice' button on the top of the page and then on the 'finance' link. If you cannot find answers in the information there, then call or e-mail the advisors on this site who are the experts.
PIP was recently rolled out in Hampshire, where I live. My son has learning difficulties, awarded highest DLA Care and Mobility for life. Nevertheless, he didn't have a direct transfer onto PIP. We were sent the form, too long for me to complete by hand due to arthritis. DWP sent someone to help me fill it in. A few weeks later had a phone call from an OT working for PIP. She asked me a few questions. A few weeks later we were told that highest PIP had been granted, both Care and Mobility. I tend to be really critical, but it all worked very well indeed for us. However, you should know that the PIP section have no details of any earlier claims whatsoever, which is stupid, because basic details remain the same.
Really appreciate the replies its such a massive burden to us at the moment .

Hi James, in my area we have an association for disabled people who will help fill out the form for you. Perhaps you could see if you have one locally.