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I can't cope any more - Carers UK Forum

I can't cope any more

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Plz can anyone help me my son is pacing up and down and screaming at me I just got in from work and I'm literally shaking with fear he won't let me leave the house I really can't go on any more I know that sounds dramatic but it's really how I feel as this isn't living
If he won't let you leave the house, isn't that counted as unlawful imprisonment. Could you ring the Police?
I cant get to my phone at the moment and to be honest I am way beyond caring now I don't think the police or any doctors are going to help long term I've done this so many times now and I can't see any end to it
Hi Debra,

How he is now?

Hiya Debra, I wanted to say I understand totally what you're going through. Leave the house for a few minutes or go to another room in your house and lock the door and tell him you're going to leave him calm down. Refuse totally to engage with him while he's raging. If he starts aggressing you please protect yourself and try to remove yourself from the situation completely if you can. Don't worry about the contents of your home, your own safety IS PARAMOUNT. If he has attacked you and he's older you are entitled to 'use reasonable force' to protect yourself including 'holding him' until police arrive. If he's bigger or strong try not to get into this situation if you can help it and remove yourself carefully. Use talking to him calmly if you can in that situation and back off as much as possible. Also phone the police if he is threatening you in any way.
Thank you for the advice charm I did go into my bedroom but he constantly knocked on the door asking to talk only to start ranting again when I came out. This went on for hours I really couldn't see any way out but he did eventually calm down and apologize he was in tears for what he had done to me and I understand he needs to vent but I felt emotionally battered I was unable to sleep last night and had to work again today . He has agreed he needs to find a way to manage this anger but I fear that although he means it now it won't stop this happening again
Hi Debra
Not really my area so a bit out my depth but perhaps have a bolt on the inside of your bedroom door and keep a mobile phone charged up in your room for emergencies. No wonder you couldn't sleep.
Hi thank you all for your kind thoughts and suggestions they were much appreciated at a very difficult time. It helps to know that someone is there and even if they are not able to help at that point it puts things in perspective sometimes especially when I'm feeling fraught and not thinking straight. So I thank you all for being s listening ear x