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Feeling panicky

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Sorry I seem to keep venting my feelings in here and I'm aware you all hAve problems of your own. My son has been so unstable recently 2 weeks ago he threatened to kill himself by throwing himself off the railway bridge down the road from me. I went to call the police and he said that unless I could garantee they could get here before he jumped off the bridge then I shouldn't. I was distraught but persuaded him to come to the hospital where we sat for 8 hours by which time he had calmed down and we were sent home with a leaflet ! Things have been up and down since but this evening I can see him building up to a meltdown. This would be bad enough but a I had a fall at work today and am in excruciating pain so I don't feel able to deal with him especially as last time I ended up chasing him all over the hospital grounds I just can't do this tonight. I can't ring the police as he says he will jump off that bridge and I can't gamble with his life. I feel so alone
Call his mental health crisis team now. If they won't help try Samaritans. Xx
I've tried that they just said I need to take him to the emergency dept but also said it would be at least 4 hours wait as they are busy he won't go anyway he isn't talking at the moment. His care coordinator is coming tomorrow but I think it's going to be a long night
Hi Debra,

Could you phone the police without your son knowing?
How far away is the bridge?
Sorry if they sound like trite questions. X
Debra - how are things this morning? I do hope your poor son has calmed down somewhat now. It's just immensely distressing for you.

Kindest wishes, at such a difficult time, Jenny
Thank you for your kind thoughts. He was awake all night but refused to speak although I felt the immediate threat to himself was less. He just seemed angry at me. I'm waiting for his care coordinator to come round but he is refusing to get out of bed to see her so I'm hoping she will talk to me without him . I'll let you know how it goes
Hi Debra i hope you are getting some form of help from son's care coordinator and i am not suprised the crisis team suggested you take son to emergency dept as they did exactly the same to me when i was advised to ring them for help due to what my hubby was going through at that specific moment in time now when i have had time to think over these things i get really angry at them because it is not the first time i have heard how useless they have been in troubled times to different individuals WHY? are they actually called Crisis Team because my personal opinion is in a flaming Crisis they are hopeless even to a point i refused them to come to my home ever again Take Care xx
I know exactly how you feel Susan when you ring them it's not usually because you are having a good time and you need them to help . They will not do home visits which is why the police are having to take up the slack. We waited in the hospital from 11 pm until 5.25 am because there is only 1 person on duty then we're sent home with a leaflet! I then had to go to work at 7.15 am so you can imagine how I felt. I was also terrified of the same thing happening that night because my son had slept all day and I hadnt so I would have been in no fit state to deal with him. I feel like I'm ein left to deal with a very volatile unstable schizophrenic person with no training and no support whatsoever it's not acceptable