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Feeling a bit frazzled - Carers UK Forum

Feeling a bit frazzled

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I am sorry to hear that you are having difficult time.

I have similar stories which repeated many times but, fortunately, I and my husband relationship is not fragile due to the ill health any more (hopefully). It is exhausting and the amount of your concern spoil your energy, but please hung on there - I begining to think that we, Carers and Carees togather to go through ups & downs is necessary stages before leaning how to cope. But of course, you should not left alone to do so, neither your husband.

Medication is important but again, until suitable one is found Carers and Carees will have difficulties. And it is confusing experience to mentally ill people. My husband takes Lamotrigine as well (50mg in the mornings and 75mg in the evenings). Also, he has to take many other medication. I am not sure your husband is taking only Lamotrigine, some times it works better to take more than one medication togather. When his first meds and only the one, Prozac reached 60mg after few years, he was getting unstable. Then we were told that it was dengerous dosage - so the new psychiatrist reduced it down to 40mg and added something else.

Is there any thing else your husband feels stressed? or threatened? Even if those things does not make sense to you, it is worth taking about and try to avoid until your husband can manage with his erratic emotion...

Hope things get better soon,

Take care.
Oh sorry that its still a it hard for you and just catching up (I have not been on here much as I find so much support from mdf bipolar specific forum)
Not sure if this is the latest in thing but know that Lamotragine is used a lot in USA - we are having a meds change too but not sure how its going as have had one or two signs . you know do you ignore them or think oh oh.....
I would hope that the situation would be a lot better in a month which sounds a long time...and just cos you have the background you have does not protect you from emotional side of all this- so take care.
It has taken us 18 years to get one course of CBT and that was only cos they wanted to discharge him home with severe symptoms and that was the way they could do i- my caree would not have wanted it before but now he says it was useful!!!

Do hope you take the pressure off you both- I had to reduce my hours for few months when last manic stage happened cos i just could not cope with it and work. Only time being a carer was useful for me when I waved the legal stuff at them!!
Just sending you a big hug Piscesmaid and I do hope that you don't have to give up your work.

Thinking of you