Fed up (BPD)

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
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BB, you can deprive me any time!!!
I'm fed up of happy family Christmas adverts too. Not just for my situation, but for anyone who is struggling. Parents feeling guilty and worried,that they haven't enough money for extras, elderly on their own, which isn't their fault. Today in Sainsbury's, after I had visited hubby, I quietly went to a checkout, to be spoken to rudely because a man said he was in the queue. There was a large space so I didn't know. I just moved. Never mind, who knows what problems he may have.
I've had a really good afternoon, grandson and I made the (now old fashioned) royal icing for the cake, and used the yolks to make some lemon curd.
The kitchen smells lovely, and what's more, the lemon curd is something really tasty, one jar will be given to my niece when she visits, a long tradition, and the rest will go in a Victoria sandwich. Niece is well off, but loves my home made food.
So much depends if you feel you have to Keep up with the Joneses. I don't.
62 posts