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Emotional punchbag

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
How can you stop yourself from feeling like an emotional punchbag? I feel spent. I'm not sure I can keep going in taking all these hits. One minute he is sobbing, the next he is telling me he wants to kill me.

I use the calm and quiet times to tell him that we are here for him, that we want to help him through this. I have been honest - told him it is difficult for us too, that we are doing as much as we can, but it doesn't seem like it is enough.

I feel like I am clinging to the edge of my own sanity today. Even though I have an hour to myself (CPN has taken him out), I am dreading him walking back through the door. Where can I claw some strength back from?
Hugs Stephanie, you sound exhausted. Be kind to yourself, try to do minimal housework etc. if at all possible until you feel stronger. I don't know much about mental health I'm afraid. I just wonder if a diary might help pinpoint his moods, if there was any trigger, and the time of day? It could also be useful when trying to get more support. Take care.
Stephanie you are really going through the mill. Just wanted to send you my best wishes. I have no suggestions what to do, I'm afraid, but you are so helpful to other people you deserve all the support we can give. ((((((((hugs)))))))))
Try and ensure you always know when your next break will be, if possible. It's a little easier to hold it together if you know when the next one is. Could the CPN take him out regularly for the next few weeks. Does the LA provide a home tutor that you could leave him with for an hour?
I live with an unpredictable caree (but for different reasons,) so recognise that feeling of not knowing what you'll have to cope with, when they come home / wake up / something internal shifts.

((((Hugs))))) keep strong, it's all you can do.