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ESA health assessment - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

ESA health assessment

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Have a word with ACAS. They are the best people to advise you. If you husband doesn't return, then after a while the employers might have more right to terminate his contract of employment. It's a very long time since I studied employment law in detail, ACAS should give you all the up to date things you need to know.
I previously recommended ACAS to you. They are the ones to contact for questions like this, as they are the experts in Employment Law.
With respect Bowlingbun, I was not asking about employment law I was asking about the ESA Health Assessment. ACAS cannot help us.
Not yet. However under certain circumstances it might be viewed that he is no longer capable of doing his job long term. Then his contract of employment might be terminated. In turn, this would have all sorts of implications. It's 20 years ago since I studied Employment Law at degree level. Some things will obviously have changed, so I can only point you in the right direction. If you are going to a tribunal the more homework you do beforehand the better.
Thanks, but we aren't going to a tribunal and my husband is not interested in taking any legal action. He no longer has the mental stamina. I just wanted to know what would happen at his ESA health assessment and was asking if he was found fit for work would he be put on JSA, even though he is still technically employed. It has nothing to do with ACAS. And as I have previously said, they cannot help us, I just wanted some support which seems sadly lacking here.
I'm sorry forum members couldn't come up with the answers you were looking for. I've been a carer for 36 years, for six ill/disabled relatives but have never come up against your situation. Many others here are caring for elderly parents, so again, would not have the answers you are seeking. We always do our best to support anyone in any caring situation, but recognise that sometimes, can't answer very specific questions, especially concerning relatively new benefits. Have you tried the CUK helpline?
You sound pretty fraught, which is understandable, but as BB says, if we don't have the experience ourselves of what you are facing, we can't help you or suggest lines of action for you, so there isn't much point in accusing us of not supporting you! Everyone here is very well intentioned, be assured of that, even if we lack particular experience, no one ever means to be unhelpful deliberately!

Hope you get the information you need from a different source, and that it helps resolve your very difficult situation. KR, Jenny
I didn't realise that ESA was a new benefit.

I don't think I sounded fraught, but you sure sound snotty. I wasn't accusing anyone of not supporting me, simply stating how I felt. This feels a very unwelcome space and I shan't return.