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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I Dont Know If This Has Anything To Do With This carersuk website but im going to type my problem anyways,

My Boyfriend Who Is On DLA, And Im Recieving Carers Allowance For Him, He Recieved A Letter Today from a place called Discover Opportunities, (New Service for customers recieving benefits due to health condition, He Has Epilepsy, Tourettes Syndrome And Also Mental Health, on The Letter it says,

You Are currently recieving benefit due to your health condition as part of jobcentre plus service an appointment has been made for you ______________

The Appointment has been arranged to allow us to ensure you are getting the right support and services as you will soon recieve notification of your next personal capability assesment, I Am Attending a place called TRIAGE (pathways to work) im having to attend this or my benefit may be reduced they are trying to get me in to work, i dont know what to do everything seems to be a mess, i suffer from depression with losing my son at birth due to social workers, and now this, i feel like im going to take a nervous break down,

Do not get panic - it is a bad habit of authority. They seem to like bombarding people when they need to do some thing but when we need help they are slow to act... Image Image Image
If my memory is correct, many Carers received similar letter before. I think it is formality.
I know how stressful to receive unpleasant letter like that, but try to focus on preparation for the interview. For expamle, any kinds of official documents will support your caring role and your boyfrield's disability take them with you and, make sure you will have enough time to talk about it as well.

Best wishes & take care.
The most important thing you need to know about that letter is this...don't worry about it! 10 years ago, when i first started caring for my father, i got one just like it. I attended the interview, explained the exact problems being a carer was causing, told the lady that working was a big no go for me for the foreseeable future and she made sure i never got another letter like that again!

As fluffycat has said, 'they' like to throw all these things at people and seem to almost demand you have to do this or that, but as soon as you need help...oh, where they go? Image

Hope it goes well, let us know how you got on ok?

Take care

good advice already--

they try to scare u,, dontbe scared, just hold yer head up high and explain it all.

and if thats not working break down in tears, i find that they get irritated and after a few munites of sobbing hard they willa gree to anything to shut u up Image