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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.


Hi All,

My mum was very ill back in the 90's with terrible depression. It was so bad, it was if she had lost her mind, we had to section her, for about three months. She became better, but the doctor said she would never be the same again.
It all started to happen again, three years ago, but this time, I got her back into hospital quickly, to which she recovered again.
My question is, she was awarded middle care disability and lower mobility in the 90's, which they said was for life. She is 83 now. I am wondering if when all this new PIP system comes in to being, if this will effect what she was given for her lifetime.
Sonia xxx
Seeing she is passed working age, she should be getting attendance allowance, but i'm not sure about the lower mobility, but i don't think that would change, someone should be along soon to verify this.
Hi Sonia, my mums got an indefinite award of DLA as well. I can't remember were I red it but even those with an indefinite award are getting reassessed with the introduction of PIP. But I'm still unsure myself as they change the rules regular and when it suits them, so it may be best to wait for them to contact you about it. Or you could contact them before the time so you have time to arrange things x

Hi Sonia
My mother gets the same DLA as your mother, and was awarded indefinitely about 10 years ago now. She is 65 years old now and suffers from long-term mental illness. Those people who are 65 or over this April DO NOT transfer to PIP, but will stay on DLA. The latest I have heard is that the government may plan to look at these people in 2016, but that is by no means written in stone. Of course, the DWP retains the right to re-assess anyone even if they have been awarded DLA indefinitely, but that has always been the case. I wouldn't contact the DWP unless your mum's circumstances have changed, I find it is best to let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to benefits. Image Hope this helps xx
PS. Attendance Allowance / DLA - if you claim DLA while of working age it remains DLA no matter how old you get Image Of course, DLA will now gradually disappear anyway as no people of working age can claim it anymore.