Hi Jenkins, I've just joined this group and can totally relate to what your saying, my daughter has a full diagnosis for DIssociative identity Disorder, fortunately she has a great CPN but that's limited as we have no out of hours crisis team in my region and I often have to rely on police Scotland for support when my daughter dissociates to the point of being vulnerable and poses a risk to herself,so far she has been detained under the mental health act 4 times and counting this year alone,when you care for a loved one suffering from mental illness you know them and there illness better than anyone and each time my daughters been admitted I've predicted it through experience every time, it's so frustrating and very upsetting it's made worse when some of the ward staff have no experience of the disorder as is the case with my daughter and find that I have to explain the nature of it and this is very annoying when they are supposed to be helping, my daughter says inpatient only offers her a place of safety and to get her meds regulated, her cpn visits her but other than that she spends most days thinking with no therapy or stimulation etc
I sincerely wish you both well