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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.

My OH has been sectioned this week due to attempts on his life. He (or should I say we) has suffered depression for as long as he can remember due to abandonment by his mother at the age off 5.

He has never been this bad before and I am at the point of feeling as though I need to cut myself off from him as it is seriously making me ill. Currently signed off work with stress.

I cannot believe how ill I feel

During tests yesterday at the hosp OH was found to have a low thyroid hormone. I assume this is possibly underactive thyroid?

Does anyone have any knowledge or insight into any links with depression and anxiety and under active thyroid please?

Ive looked at the symptoms of underactive thyroid and, like most things when you start looking at symptoms of things on the internet, he has many of them. Some he has had for a long time and some more recently like feeling cold all the time when historically he has been hot blooded.

Im completely at my witts end and finding making a cup of tea a chore but nothing is going to make this better over night and I know I just have to suck it up and live it until they sort his meds for his current crisis and more long term get him psychotherapy, which we have been told could take 6 months for an appointment to come through.

Boy am I tired.
I'm no expert but recently I did go to see my GP about the possibility of an underactive thyroid as I was so very, very tired depressed and couldn't lose weight no matter how hard I tried. I knew that all these symptoms could be related to an underactive thyroid problem.

As it turned out mine wasn't thyroid related but I have now been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes instead :(

I had a friend with an underactive thyroid and I do know that once it was diagnosed and she started taking the relevant medication her symptoms were very soon under control.

Have the hospital made arrangements for a follow up appointment with an endocrinologist for further investigation/tests ?
Depression and anxiety can be linked to any of the following (this is my lay person's opinions from experience, I am not an expert):

poorly functioning adrenal glands
poorly functioning thyroid gland
lack of certain vitamins
brain chemistry reactions ("allergic") to solvents, petrochemicals, perfumes, air fresheners etc

My partner takes many natural "medications" which help greatly, and can react very badly (very depressed) to paint etc.
My cat was depressed for a few months until he was diagnosed and treated for diabetes
Vit B complex can help anxiety symptoms

I'm a lay person as I said, but I would like to see people checking out the physical issues which may be affecting the mind. Sorry this is not specific to thyroid, as I am less familiar with this one - although my granny was depressed when she had a poorly functioning thyroid, come to think of it.

The symptoms of thyroid underaction are all a bit wooly TBH and can be due to lots of different things, but a blood test will say definitively whether there is a problem or not. If there is then tablets will be prescribed to replace the missing hormones (usually thyroxine or similar) and then you can see what the difference is. It might be quite a big difference as thyroid underaction usually "creeps up" on you.