Depression & struggling to trust the CHMT

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My partner has bipolar disorder and at the moment he's experiencing quite a deep depression. He was put on new tablets earlier this year which seem to have stabilised the mania side of his illness but haven't really helped the depressive side.
He's got official complaints in about the CPN team, the CMHT and the in-patient services after previous experiences and understandably does not trust them to provide proper and adequate help to meet his needs.
And I'm torn between encouraging him to stick with the mental health services, second rate as they are, on the grounds that they are better than nothing, or supporting him to 'go it alone' and take his health into his own hands, on the grounds that anything would be better than the support that the CMHT provide.
Any advice or insights, anyone?
Suppose your partner knows best if they not helpful can see the point in sticking with them though that what I got told about support it better than nothing but they was not helping me at all get an advocate involved and also attend cpn appointment also somewhere on net is info on role of cpn maybe look at that will give you insight of what they do
good advice but he doesn't have a CPN anymore, the service was withdrawn after he complained, plus the psychiatrist at the moment is a locum that he doesn't know or trust, as his usual one is off on long term sick...... there's no one at the CMHT he likes or trusts at all......
Make an appointment with gp ring out of hours if you need or go to A and E sounds like your partner needs some help