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Depression-help for the carer - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Depression-help for the carer

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Jane, glad you're feeling a bit more positive.... Keep it up! Image

When it comes to housework/gardening, I have realised that I am NOT superwoman!

Yes, there are jobs that need to be done everyday..kitchen, bathroom,... but I started writing a list at the beginning of the week and just working through it as and when, I found that if I tried to do lots in one go, something would happen, things wouldn't get done and I ended up frustrated with myself.
I have learned to relax a bit, and have accepted the fact that my house will never be spotless with 3 kids in it!! Image Image
Go easy on yourself Jane, you're doing a good job x
My daughter suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome and one or two other mental health problems which affect her moods,she is 20 years old and has had numerous anti-deppresents which have not worked.The mental health issues have a big impact on her sleep, sometimes she is lucky if she gets 4 hours, have asked GP numerous times for something to help sleep problem with no luck. Image
Hi Emma
Sleep is a big issue here too.
If it isn't painfull joints, it's the sweats and strange thoughts that keep Hubs awake.
He did find that taking his anti-depressants at night helped a little, but not much.
Your daughter is so young, it must be difficult for you.
Have you received help or advice on helping to deal with things? Advice for the carer seems to very thin on the ground.
Best wishes