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Depression-help for the carer - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Depression-help for the carer

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
hi , daily express today got great article on depression , by Martin Townsend , whose father suffered from manic dpression . Martin wrote a book about it and is now doing a major initiative to improve understanding of mental illness. .The sunday Express is asking for experience of mental illness , how it affects you or those you love and what you think should be done to improve understanding of it. There is a charter of what they hope to achieve . So somebody is trying to do something at last. It will not make our loved ones better but might make other people realise this is an illness and how it can affect people. I am just thinking of how to explain my OH illness and may tell it like it is and how has been since he first stated being ill or at least admitted something was "wrong" . 10 years to date since diagnosis!!!! I will save the article in case anyone needs the address or e mail address to try and get our experiences heard .Not sure if i am allowed to put address,s on here . i am not sure of rules as i am fairly new to the forums.
Hi Inspired, I missed the opportunity to buy the paper so searched the internet and I think this must be the article:

http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/304 ... e-all-face

(Others have put links in their posts so don't believe its a problem though as long as we weren't trying to advertise) Image
Ooops meant to thank you inspired for letting us know about article - thank you Image
Links to articles are ok: advertising is a problem but useful info or articles are fine.
Inspired & Jane,
Thanks for finding that article, and putting up the link.
I hope it sparks alot of interest
SturdG- I just thought you, might like this,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmlMQtMk ... re=related

Minnie Image
Minnie, how cute were they! Thank you Image
Can anyone join in with this game of 'Tag'. Now we have found you we want to play Image Image

These links may be of some help

coping with stress and depression

20 tips for low mood
Hi Rosemary Image
Glad you've joined in! Image
I like the 20 tips for a low mood, will keep referring to it I think Image
Hubs has had a not too bad week, no absences now for 6 days and his mood has lifted, they must have been getting him down so much, just hope it continues, he's been on the Epilepsy medication for nearly 3 months now, looks like it might be finally working! Image
Aaah Minnie those peas in a pod were really cute, looked like they were having a cuddle before bed as the middle one seemed to be falling asleep Image

Rosemary thanks for those links - a happy box, never thought of that, OH and my Mum have a sad box not to be opened unless in a very good mood Image (you're 'it' if we're playing tag Image )

Sturdygirl - good news about Hubs.

I'm feeling a bit more positive than the other day, haven't addressed any issues - only in my head! I've been busy tidying house and garden but gradually rather than in one go and I can see the difference which makes me feel better Image