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Depression and ECT - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Depression and ECT

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Day 2 after treatment 1: Sarah is sleeping most of the day.
She went shopping this morning and said that she had trouble remembering the aisles..( regular shopping place)
She also says that she can't really think of anything specific
Aches in muscles and fatigue are the main symptoms at mo.
Getting worried now :(
Have the hospital told you about any potential side effects?
Hi Gavin,

Have you been given info on how best to support your wife/ deal with the side effects?

I hope they wear off quickly and she notices improvement in her mood.

Hello Gavin

Goodness what a hard time you are having, I really feel for you. Having worked in Mental Health where we sent patients for ECT, they were fine on return with the outcome seemingly varied. It may or may not work, but the vital thing is that you visit and try to interest her in activities to possibly make the way back to a more normal life. Your wife needs a purpose again, but obviously in the depressive stage it is impossible to see anything at all, even when people point these things out to you. Ultimately it will come down to a new life, a change of living to see a way forward. Depression is so difficult to move away from but for me, it was a change of job and location that finally meant I began to recover. ECT could begin this positive start to making plans for both of your futures.

Good luck

Hello Gavin

Sorry, I didn't read the bit at the top. If you speak with her Nurse, they will reassure you that it will be hard to start with; don't worry. Just talk with the NHS team if you are worried.

Hello again,
Treatment 2 done today
Sarah is sleeping a lot but hasn't woken up feeling sad or crying since the treatment began.
It seems to have neutralised her mentally.
She's not herself but not sad which was the main problem.
Will update as we go..
That sounds quite encouraging Gavin