Hi Everyone
I am new on here, so please let me know if I am not doing this right.
My husband has suffered from depression for 40 years. I am finding that lately, due to me returning to work to help with financial pressures, I am struggling to cope with his illness.
When he is well, he is a very active man, he grows all our fruit and vegetables, does all the DIY etc. For the past four months he has been suffering from a particularly bad bout and is hence incapable of doing any maintenance on the house or garden. I understand that, and it is not a problem. What is a problem though, is the fact that he won't let me get anyone in to do the jobs either.
With the recent rain, we literally had a waterfall, six feet wide coming over and under our gutter outside the front door! I did contact a chap about replacing the guttering but it stressed my husband beyond belief and so I haven't followed it up. He thinks he should be doing the guttering (and every other job that needs doing) but who knows how long it will be until he is well enough to do jobs around the house again and in the meantime it will disintegrate around us. Sorry to be so negative.
I am not expecting answers of course, just an ear to talk to. Thanks