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those who know better than us really get my goat!! - Carers UK Forum

those who know better than us really get my goat!!

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
grr just returned from group meeting where a professional told me all about how you can chart and manage your moods and think about the past episodes and learn from them. I tried to tell them that some people cant remember after nasty episode what has happened and that filling in graphs and bits of paper is the last thing you want to do when recovering and if you cant remeber what normal is for you as you have rapid cycling how the hell do you know what your 'normal 'level is!! I was informed i was negative and could not be helping my caree - well for the past 30 odd years the system has not helped us much at all and to reduce it to simply filing in bits of paper when you have regular sections and regular illness and to not listen to a carer telling you how some peoples lives are is just really really annoying. I dont know what the poiint is now as i found the group did not eseem to go through stuff like piscesmaid and others seem to on here- if it was easier than this I would not need to come on here. BUt its very lonely no one seems to undersatnd and now the professsionals are telling me that i am being negative- how the hell does my caree feel when there appears to be only me trying to support with no help or back up from CPN etc - HAve a right old hissy fit on here but i am to annoyed- Why dont they listen to us oh why !!!!
Thank you - no one from the caring services understands but you do appear tohave had similar experiences.
we alway have the police involved and have done for past 30 odd years- its the only way as he wont say oh please lock me up i am unwell when he too thinks he rules the world and is jesus!!
I am not against trying new things that might help - but he has to want to do that and if he feels the serivces have simply found him too hard or difficult to help and they simply fill him full of tranquillers and lock him up again an again and we go now where.
if only someone would help us both. I cant do it on my own and yes the physical stuff is there too- (apparently i like being in an abusive relationship- actually no I dont but when ill he does lose it completely thats why he gets locked up but it dont stop us caring does it or makes us like the nasty bits) . Its the most scary thing I have ever experienced yet he is my caree and did not ask for this- it could have been me or you get this illness instead - I try to be there but those professionals really wind me up.....you however are a real star. - enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Under the 'those who know better' heading, actually, but not Mental Ill Health heading. OOOh, dunno what to do....
Anyways - yesterday we were out at a car boot sale and our permanent PA (of over 3 years) was putting hubby into the car as we were leaving. He told her that she'd got the slider board too far back under his bum. She was adamant that it was in the right place, so he said, well, ok, if you think it's right.
Next thing I hear is hubby shouting, 'I'm coming off, I'm coming off.' and sure enough she'd put his legs into the footwell, leant him forward as usual and because the board wasn't in the right place (as he'd said) he slid off the front of it and landed up sitting on the sill of the car between the front passenger seat and the wheelchair with a terrible bump. 'Fran, Fran.....' (as usual I'm the one who saves the day). So, shaking to bits, with my weak left arm under his armpit and the other hand grabbing some trouser material, we managed to haul him up into the passenger seat. RESULT??? He now has a big red scuff mark on his bottom, which in turn is making his legs jump and spasm more than usual all day today (as he's hurt, see?). How many times do the PAs need to be told that if hubby says something about his care and procedures, HE'S USUALLY RIGHT? At the time, I was just about to go back to the loos (car transfers for us is a one-man job) as I was just a spare part while he was getting into the car. It's a good job I didn't disappear. Drove home not wanting to go to the loo anymore and shaking like a leaf. She wasn't and couldn't understand how he'd come off the board.
I don't know a thing about mental ill health problems and other people (only my own depressions as a carer), but it's an everyday occurance of people knowing best. Just take it with a pinch of salt and silently say, like I do, "well, what d'you know?". Or get them to back up and give an example of their words. Bet they can't. Take good care, love Fran
Hello Goose,

I am really sorry to hear about your experience. I heard similar story from other Carers but fortunately, it has not happened to me yet.

But I do know too many professionals in my local AMH Service who are like that. I think they do not have time to listen to us so by saying "you are negative" and / or "talk about positive stuff" may contribute for them to control the conversation Image Image Image

Also, they are not realistic about the truth of Carer's life and mentally ill people. Probably, they are hoping that some "patchwork" will help. They will not see the roots of problems and try to support asap for a long term. I feel the current mental health treatment is very superficial and the length of time we lose, patients recovery takes much, much longer and Carers welbeing is constantly under threat Image Image Image Image Image Image

Take care. Image
Ooooops sorry, please ignor the Image at the end of my post.