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Council Tax Exemption for Mental Illness - Carers UK Forum

Council Tax Exemption for Mental Illness

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
If someone in your household has mental health issues, you can apply for a 25% reduction in your council tax bill. However, your GP must sign a form to say that the person has what is called 'Severe Mental Impairment'. You must also be in receipt of qualifying benefits, PIP & ESA. Apparently according to my council and under the financial legislation they use, this term to define: Depression, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Bi Polar, Learning Disability (of any type). HOWEVER, as the financial legislation also says the person has an impairment of intelligence and social functioning, (which as anyone caring for someone with MH will know, MH doesn't mean lack of intelligence. My husband GP won't sign? Our council have therefore refused to honour the deduction? I can appeal this decision, but my husband once he finds out will say we don't appeal it. What do I do. My husband is disabled and has Schizophrenia since 2000 and its taken me years to get him to agree to sign the application form.
Any advice much appreciated.
Yeah GP won't sign mine either
Hello Trigpoint, welcome to the forum.
Has your husband a consultant who understands the situation? Perhaps he/ she would sign for you. Do you receive any benefits ?
Have any of you asked the CUK helpline for advice. There may well be some relevant case law. They were brilliant when I had a problem which was out of the ordinary.
Good afternoon
Thank you to all who replied. My husband 's GP agreed to write a two line letter to say my husband has Schizophrenia. I gave this to the council tax department as part of my appeal.
I got a phone call a week later to say they will give my husband the exemption and backdate the award. I think about a year?
Result and would recommend if anyone is experiencing the difficulties I did they follow this route.
The council tax department did recognise my husband should not be discounted for the exemption due to the GP refusing to sign the form, when he's in receipt of relevant benefits.
Trigpoint, well done. Thanks for sharing.