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Making a complaint - Carers UK Forum

Making a complaint

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I want to make a complaint against the Brickfield Centre in Epsom. My mum has a CPN and a psychiatrist and yet I get no support at all.. Every couple of days she says she wants to kill herself and just lays in bed. Have spoken to her CPN and all she has said is that my mum should get a voluntary job. Pulling my hair out actually had enough all these services are useless and I am left to deal with it by myself and the social workers are useless ****'s aswell. Any suggestion as to who i make a complaint to. Spoke to PALS before and got no where. O and their crisis line is as useless as them!
Only just seen your post. I started with the CMHT first, they passed it on to the director of the Trust, Cc ing my letters to my MP, GP, and then the trust said if I wasn't happy to complain to the Parliamentary And Health Service Ombudsman. The PHSO assessed my complaint and then said it was being accepted for a formal investigation. The investigator visited me and my husband separately, and then the CMHT I was complaining about. This started in October 2011 and I have only received the draft report last Thursday, which is upholding part of the complaint, as it found service failures, plural, where 'it fell so far short, in the reports words, that it showed service failures and consequently an injustice. There not upholding the brain damage bit though!! as this may of happened even if he had of got the right support and treatment, but at least all the things I complained about were upheld. Complain and don't give in....I can give advice if necessary. I have been told by the investigator that I should and have a right to complain about the lack of care when he had the brain damage, caused by an overdose of tramadol, whilst in a mixed manic state, and also the GP...in other words I have two more cases to complain about!!!!! I work for a living this last episode nearly was the end of me....I won't give in though Image
I won't give in though Image
Thank you for responding, i meet my local MP Saturday and he said he wasn't sure what i could do so am now speaking to my old manager at citizens advice to try and get somewhere. It is disgusting how little support there is and maybe if they had supported me and my mum to start with maybe i would not have my own mental health problems.
Hi Courtz so sorry to hear about what you are both going though. I wish I could give you some good advice, but as they say "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" but you are both in my thoughts, and I wish you the best of luck. What tree said made a lot of sense, And I'm glad that you will go on fighting.

Regards Gaz.
Oh Courtz, I so relate to what you are saying. My Mum who has bipolar disorder was repeatedly referred to the CPN but they have said because she won't take advantage of the help they offer, ie socialising and day centres, there is nothing more they can do for her and it is basically back to me. When they visited they asked me what I was expecting from them, I said that I needed help to look after Mum and they told me that they heard this reply all the time and basically that isn't what their service does.

I sometimes feel so isolated, although I have found our local Carers Support organisation really helpful, if only for someone to listen to me.
sorry the cpn is not much help my cpn has dumped me and am complaining about the service and treatment I have had

A cpns role is to help the person who is ill and also family and put relevant support in place