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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.

Well we had our appointment with Psychiatrist at last and he diagnosed Ultradian rapid cycling BiPolar II with comorbid ADHD. He started my Hubby on Depakote (sp?) and we are getting up to 1000mg then when his mood is stabilised will tackle the ADHD!!
So at last we are getting somewhere, he has been taking the new meds for 10 days now but no change I can see yet, he says he feels the same?! Its exhausting for me, I can only imagine how exhausted he feels!

Also with the spinal surgery we are waiting for my hubby feels the fusion is wrong for him, not sure how I feel but it seems a bit of a wasted opportunity to operate on 2 of the 3 herniated discs, the hospital (NOC)says they just dont do anymore than 2 !!! But it will surely put stress on the 3rd one to herniate even more if thats possible so we both feel its kind of not really an answer?! GP has referred us to London Orthopaedic Hospital which he thinks is worth a go, even for another 5th opinion. The best case is 50% improvment in pain so ....?! We are both unsure what to do!

Anyway just a catch up really and if anyone has any advice or suggestion on either scenario please comment!!!

As for me, I feel hopeless and trapped and hopelessly in love with my broken husband with an empty future ...oh dear! Sorry - nearly felt sorry for myself there!!! I know there are worse off.
Thoughts with you all...
Hello Superwifey - glad that at least you have a diagnosis. It doesn't change things, but gives one something to fight against!
As for the medication, it usually takes around 4-6 weeks to get into the system properly, so I'm sure that it will start to make a difference; probably slowly but surely. My son was on it at one point but says it used to make him feel sick! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it works for your husband xx