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Copeing with mental health problems - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Copeing with mental health problems

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
hi everyone now does there carees sleep ok.my husband gets about four hours sleep a night if we are lucky and his voices arent playing him up.some nights he doesnt get any and he takes sleeping tablets am i the only one making cups of tea at two in the morning because he cant sleep then i wake up and then i cant sleep Image
Hi Happy Daze,

You say about sleeping - I was told that if anyone is sleep deprived for long they can get psychotic symptoms and one of the most important factors in managing bipolar is sleep regulation. My daughter takes anti-psychotics to help with that and when she's high and her regular medication is insufficient she has diazepam too - as a sleeping tablet and as necessary through the day to keep her safe. After nearly 8 weeks on loads of diazepam she is now coming down from the high and has forgone all the extra day time sedation and is only on it at night to get her to sleep.
If you are sleep depreived for long it will affect your physical and mental health.
oh the mixed states are really horrible hope the meds help here. We get terrible dreams and we think its a left over from the rapid cycling cos it got left too long and he was ill so bad this time. He did not get these dreams on olanzapine but is now on a different mix of meds. I think they should deserve a medal for coping with such dresma as he wakes thinking he has killed all teh children in the world and others stuff horrible stuff and hes thinks for 10 secs that its real....really nasty- ....does nayone help us with this ?? but if any one has any idea please let me know - willing to try anytning for good sleep with out nightmares- we used to have no problem in past...when well and slept a good 12 hours a night! when ill lucky to ge tmore than 1 hour a day or 10 min snatches....
Well my daughter is going to be taken off olanzapine as she's putting on so much weight and has binges all the time. She can get totally out of control with her eating and so i have to be very careful what I buy. Any promises to have 'only one packet of crisps a day' gets forgotten and before I know it all six will be gone so no more multipacks!

She doesn't talk about her dreams but she does believe she's either murdered a baby or is going to - depending on the mood she's in. She says she's evil and deserves to be hurt.
thanks for your help oh yes we do get nightmares this sleep problem has been with us for ages hubby says just chop my head off i will order a new one from ebay Image
sorry me again olanzapine stopped my husband voices well they arent so lound some days but the weight he has put on now the doctors say the weight he has put on has causing high blood presure and he has high cholesterol and he binges crisps well the good thing is at least he eats the salt and vinger which i hate
My son is on olanzapine and says it's the only one that hasn't had any bad effects, apart from the fact he says it makes him crave the sweet foods - the ones which put on weight! But, he has tried quite a few different meds, and says this is the best one to control his symptoms.
Different people react in different ways though.
At least he doesn't have to have a blood test every week!
Sorry to be back with more and hope the rest of folk struggling with loved ones who have mental health problems have not had too bad a day.

Got home to a frighteningly angry man. I am to blame, dogs are to blame - but he is never to blame cos he is ill. Accused me of unfounded behaviour, unkind to dogs - unkind to me, just impossible to cope with tonight. Going to my keep fit class soon and will be glad to get out of the house leaving such a raging bull inside. Not sure how to proceed or keep going, just now.

See you later and take care - Varya xx
Good morning, Varya - although I'm not sure if it will be a good one for you. I hope that your husband has settled down a bit this morning. Mental health problems in a person is so hard to deal with; I think mainly, because you can't actually 'see' what you're dealing with - an episode seems to come out of nowhere....and just when you think you've got it sussed, the illness changes the goalposts for you!
One of the ways in which I coped with my son, although I was lucky, he was only angry at himself - was to rage at his illness, and not him. That doesn't help you practically though.
I'm sorry, I don't know anything about your background situation, so don't know if you get any help or support from outside. Does he have a cpn or anyone who you can talk with and explain how you're feeling? Have you had a Carer's assessment?
Sending you big ((((((((((hugs))))))))) for yourself xx
It is the ill health speaking...I know how hard that is Image

When he is resonably calm, try to speak to him how you feel without argue with him. If there are any triggers you can identify it is better to know them and share between both of you.

Do you respond when he leaves nasty comments to you? - but not to say "sorry" - it is not your fault or responcibility that advice was given to me in the past.

Do you have a safe place to talk about your feeling? - i.e. Carers Support Service or Carers help line or Carers Assessment worker etc.

Sending Image a big hug Image

Hope things get easier for you soon.

Take care.