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Copeing with mental health problems - Carers UK Forum

Copeing with mental health problems

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Can anybody help, Icare for my wife who had a C V A some ten yrs ago that has left her with acute nental health issues, Kleptomania, unable to feel emotions, and unable to decern true from lies. I am at the end of my tether with treying to cope.
Hi Image
Its a tough call - isnt it- my caree is recovering from major episode and is psychotic and flat all in same day- so mostly climbing walls and not on this planet or cold and not keen to talk and sits watching tv for hours on end. I dont have to do physically side of things yet- however in past he had back problem and is in general poor health so i live in constant fear of him having a stroke or something similar also his meds have put about 3 stone on him in 3 months. Its hard when its some one you are close to and they are so cool to you and the unemotional bit must just bug you - well it does me - i need a good hug now and again and a good cuddle and all that but its few and far between . Its not something i find easy to explain to others. feel free to let out some stuff on here- its a bit lacking in mental health carers- but there are otheres about- most i know dont have or afford computer or know who to use one- living on DLA etc and just trying to get by means computers are luxury item. Do you get any help or breaks with care? Sorry just thought needed to respond to your post- when I really need to know i am not alone or going nuts myself or want to just roll over and take too much of his meds - this i come looking for some one who can help on here- sometimes it helps - let us know how you are doing....
all i can offer u is massive hugs and im sure rosemary or matt will have some gr8 advice for u

and gooose heres a massive hug for u as well me dear!
Thanks for that goose you just discribed excatly what i am going through with this . I do get a little respite whem my wife attends a drop in centre for 3 huors a week but they are about to stop that because she can't or won't obey some of the rules, which is only making the problem seem worse but like yourself i feel as though the situation is hopeless. However having said that it's really nice to know that i am not alone and that there are others that are in a similar position. Just at this moment i feel like running away where nobody can find me and that only contributes to the breakdown i feel i'm heading for, it seems that after 10 years i'm no further along with even less understanding than when the first situation occered. Once again manys thanks for the hugs just letting off some steam has made me feel a lot better and given me the impetus to try once again to make somthing worthwhile out of a seemingly hopeless situation. I will post more when i can.

Many thanks for the hugs pixienubbins

Hi Malcom,

Welcome to the forum. I am sure other members will be along soon to offer their support too.

In the mean time if you click here then scroll 1/2 way down, you will find some websites specific for mental health problems.

Hope this is of some use to you.

x x
I can't offer any help on this Malcolm, but sending you a very large hug and I'm sure someone will be along soon who can give you some advice.

Take care
Hi rosemary
thanks for the website i'm just looking throughit at the moment and there seems to be some usefull stuff on there i will keep you posted.

A big thank you to bluebird for the hug
Mental health is a nightmare situation to deal with Malcolm. I've had to deal with my wifes depression/highs and crazy madcap schemes for 46yrs now. Mind you, she isn't as bad as yours and Goose's partners by any means!
Since the TIAs back in 2006, I've cared for her 24/7 with only a fornights break when we were forced to move house. She stayed in a council run home for a fortnight, while I got our new house ready.

I can only sympathise with the problems you face daily and just pray they'll get easier for you both. Thats you and Goose.

Remember, the lowest ebb is the turn of the tide,

Hi Goose - I see you also care for someone with bipolar! I had no idea it was going to get this tough - and stay this tough!

I'm hoping the next lot of changes in meds will help calm things down. My duaghter gets mixed highs and is extremely keen to hurt herself for weeks at a time.