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CMHT dragging their heels - Carers UK Forum

CMHT dragging their heels

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Not sure if other mental health carers have been through this.

I am caring for someone suffering mental health difficulties and now physical health difficulties as the situation being that they are over weight and at the mercy of the mental health system. Although I live 10 minutes away from who I try care for, I found out they have been in and out of hospital in the past 2 weeks.

No one has fed this back to me, until I rang up the care coordinator. I asked them if they knew what the physical health problems could be and here is the reply. "We are only concerned with the persons mental health, NOT physical health". So with that, they wanted me to seek this information from the caree's doctor.

Is it any wonder why mental health sufferers die 20 years earlier than everyone else? Especially if Community Mental Health Teams are only interested in Mental health and feel that physical health is not related? Especially when it comes to dangerous medication side effects.

Anyway, as a carer, how can I take this forward? I feel the CMHT are dragging their heels and I think they need a quick jolt to remind them of their responsibilities to their clients.

Any advice appreciated.
They are useless hun
Thanks for replying. I am not out of options it seems. I may come back here for some advice since I am launching some research.
Hope you have other options
Dunno if it helps but they usually have some sort of philosophy or mission statement on their websites so if you see any words like holistic or promote sense of health and well being, then they are hoisted on their own petard, so to speak.
If their psychotropic medication is contributing to poor physical health the cmht absolutely have a duty to be concerned with physical health.
NICE have treatment guidelines on depression and physical health problems.
I am a carer with physical health problems and depression and getting zero co ordinated treatment. clearly these NICE guidelines aren't getting through to the medical profession.
It has been proven that people with physical health problems are more likely to be depressed.

There is also government guidelines NO HEALTH WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH- more people with mental health problems will have good physical health.

These can be quoted to the mental health services and see what they say.
Have they a PALS, Patient Advice and Liason, although it may have another name, you could raise a concern with them.

There should be care co-ordination but there simply isn't, the person I am looking after is heavily depressed but the care service doesn't have time for the mental health issues, the mental health issues are not in the care plan so don't exist even though they do.
Thanks for all your replies and taking the time to get back to a fellow carer. I am now in the process of making a complaint.

However the situation has deteriorated since my loved one has now refused to take any medication/depot. I have successfully contacted the care coordinator and they will see my mother at the end of the week, although to be honest if someone is on depot, I am thinking my mother may either end up back in the ward of have forced injection.

If neither occur, what should I prepare for, since I see relapse as inevitable if medication is not administered in the coming weeks, although I am not happy with the current medication, its not helping much at all.
I've had a few dealings with CMHT in the past, none particularly good at the beginning, a series of appointments that no-one turned up to except me and the person I cared for, plus a series of other, what I would term as failings, all I can say is I put together a carefully worded compliant through their email procedure on line, I say carefully, because as much as I think they are useless, the person I care for does need their input for certain referral's.
I found things have improved slightly and her mental health worker now at least acknowledges that I exist and will sometimes discuss the options with us both. Not perfect I know, but an improvement on how it was three months ago.
Apologies for the late reply just actually found or come across your post
No need to apologise for coming across my post.

Luckily I have managed to secure a meeting with the head of the CMHTs for my borough, nice person who I have met several time, but I am sure they think I am a bit of a thorn in their side.

The problem I am facing is the old confidentiality problem due to mental health stigma issues from my caree. The person I am trying to look after refuses to discuss or delvue their mental ill health, even though its ruining their life.

So anyway, I have the meeting on a set date, but I have asked for the care plan and also when the care coordinator should be proactive enough to visit my caree, which has been falling very short.

What other questions should I ask at this meeting? I also would like them to stick to an agreed plan. Plus the main thing is to get them to support my caree better and not dump everything on me.
Have you asked Social Services for a "Carers Assessment"? If not, do so, in writing, stressing the urgency, better still send it recorded delivery, staple your slip to a copy of the letter you sent them. This will show you mean business. Some areas are better than others, I know, but they have a legal duty to care for you, as the carer. Also, try to find out if there are any Carers Groups in your area - ask Social Services. Maybe the Princess Royal Trust for Carers (they've changed their name recently, can't remember the new one) can help.