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Climbing The Walls - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Climbing The Walls

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
wendy thats terrible-- they should see him sooner,, dont they understand wot u go through as well?
if they dont help soon they will be councelling u as well!

errrrr makes my blood boil that there just isnt the help
i'm with pixie, the wheels turn too slowly for me, in the end the carers go nutty as well Image
I am horrified- most professionals know that the longer you let some one cycle without meds and in fact beign high or low the more it delays things...it can take so much longer to recover. I would be very tempted to ring the mental health trust PALS service and express your concerns - it can only help them improve the services- we all need to do this when it does not work in my view cos it could be any one of us that have these problems .....

If he is cycling he could be a sever biplar 1 like mine is bordering on schizo affective as he goes psychotic when high and its extremely nasty. The regional secure unit is not a nice plac to go!

I can only say hang on in there as for you both this is distressing - sounds like cos you are about they ared doing the usual 'best place for you is at home 'speech- BUT if they are very ill and the carer is soakign up all the pain and watchin the caree 24.7 cos they might go off or go down then its simply not fair and we can t be expected to do it without some help!!

I dont like chating to CPNs about our business and asking for help but i know sometiems they should be giving it as it is bad- please remember that are a lot of folkks on their books with this condiiton who really dont get it this way- have never been in hospital or rapid cycled aand the services dont seem to set up for those who really need first class help and support asap.

It makes us distrust them and feel so helpless which does not help all round. Watch that drinkign alcohol is not adding to this- i think it makes the cycling worse and cetainly damages a stable mood when you get one!! I cant remember what he is doing but certainly no work and no stress and asking him what helps and being aware of the cycle- we had 2 hours which settled down to a down in the morning to a high in the evenings with pyschosis at night...it helped to know when was a good time to get out of the way or take the phone off the hook or try to get him ot eat or chill to nice music.
on ward they have teams of 6-8 people doing this and its blooming hard work to do it all on your own - at least something will be happending soon so hang on in there!!!!
hi i know i am new but i know what you are saying my husband can be the best person in the world but i know when things are going wrong slurred speach he goes to the pub and can just dissaper for a whole day be a total monster and i wonder why i married him you dont get no sleep because every one is against him when i want to go out he says he is going to cut himself be in bed all day no he cant lead a normal life the dhss think he can but thats another story no support worker just get on with it phone a crisis line but thats not open at three in the morning sorry to go on and i am new but i know how you feel
Not just scary but a constant additional pressure for you - as if there isn't enough. You must feel as though you're walking on eggs all the time.
Keep strong- makes sure you are getting some time out if possible!! even an hour uninterrupted and not worrying in the bath really helps-
feel like I know what you mean as had horrible year with rapid cycling and it can bring you to your knees....once sorted you simply appreciate anything ordinary ! hope the weekend goes well for you both.
fingers crossed for u both!!!!!!!!!
That is just horrendous. I'm sure you told them how you feel about them cancelling, is there nothing anyone can do to help you get another appointment? I really hope they will send you the prescription, but that doesn't sound likely does it?

Sending you some both some hugs,
sounds good- glad to hear all coming together at last. h ope you get a good person who can give you both support.

here we are still sleeping most of the day then swinging into a nice up when awake about 7pm just as I am feeling tired. No motivation to do anything but sit and eat . but at least we are not in hospital. otherwise its not much of a life for him but better than rapid cycling . We are no longer partners as I need a life that consists of being able to do things sometimes with out thinking cant do it until 2pm , watch the alcohol, watch the staying up late etc etc etc and the aggression also got a bit much....I wish it was not so but I am not going to let this illness get me too.

So good to see things coming together for folks on here- long may it last but do keep in touch with how it is going with team support.
Piscesmaid, that sounds great so far. Let's hope the lady you saw keeps her promises and helps you both.

Goose, sending you hugs, you sound like you need them. xx

Bluebird xx