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Climbing The Walls - Carers UK Forum

Climbing The Walls

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
hi this sounds like a horrible thing for you both.
I do feel that bipolar is not the same for every client and some people have a terrible time with it and others can work and have relationships and not go to hell and back on a regular basis. My situation has involved coming off a depot injection and onto a new medication - it was horrible for my mate but he was simply told thats how we do it and there is no other way. His psych is quite human but he has to be quite hard or what he has seen with us over the past few years would be too painful for most professionals to see....lithium has not really helped over the years so that is the next one they might change as the latest thing is to be on as few meds as possible especailly as you get older- its a worry.which we willh ave to deal with later this year ........but this meds change over is not nice so you have my sympathy. Not being engaged with the serivces does not mean you should not get support!!! we have had a team of CPNs etc supposedly working with us - some better than others- but we dont have much choice also as frequently sectioned. You are not alone with this situation but its horrilbe to have to leave them like this --hope easter improves for you!! let us know how you get on.....
thats annoyed me-- lead normal lifes-- yeah when we cant go out, or have a great idea at 2 in the morning to do something thats actually stupid,

and do something that makes sence and then the next day realsie u have hurt peoples feelings---

fight wendy!!! fight fight fight!
I am so very sorry to hear this, but I disagree. My husband is on carbimazipine, and hes just changed from Lithium to depakote after 26 yrs [ as the lithium was causing problems with his kidneys] they reduce and introduce as they go, same with depot, depixol injection is a gradual change over and so too with carbimazapine.

We had a meeting with our consultant today and cpn, I had read this before I went so I asked them what they thought. They said this was most strange as they would bring the carbimazapine down to a certain level [take blood tests] and introduce gradually the alternative. He or you should not be suffering in this way.

make me annoyed
And another thing LOL bi polar is not controllable, by meds yes, by talk therapy in some cases too, but not self help, only to a certain degree.................AND that comment to you is a load of bull....

I've been living with this illness with my hubby for over 26 yrs, I do not agree with that comment, and I never will.

It upsets his life and everyone connected to it, mental health is hard to live with, you don't know when it is going to happen, they can sail along fine and take a mental degression at any time, and the highs..........lack of sleep for him and you and the mental torture they go thru........and you........no.......

Can you not see the GP are they supportive? there is such a thing as the home intervention team, your GP can refer him

let us know how things go Image
that is not mild problems wendy

And from some one who suffers bi-pola after the event we often very sorry, ashamed and that makes us even lower

It must be doing both of u in,

have u tried changing Dr? sometimes it can be your GP has an old fashion view even f they r young .

Has MIND been of any help?
feel so much sympathy with you- we are bipolar 1 bordering on schizoaffective cos we also get hallucinations and psychosis when really ill- just experienced rapid cycling officially for first time ever- and although have had this illness since adolescence only got real help after several sections- its a tough one and all that you said I can relate to ....we also go to go to tribuanl ahen high so they said only 25% disabled ...was sectioned 6 weeks later and in hospital for ayear after that so dont start me on DLA tribunals!!!! we have friend who seem to get a bit low and they have D:LA for life where as we have not had 2 yrs free of admissions and have to fight for DLA!!
Anyway - its a bit more controllable when you get the services to engage with you - not the other way round I feel. We have taken pills and gone to groups and seen CPNS but when ill they all disappear!!!! The aggression and destructiveness of this illness is a lot to bear....it takes agood few years to lrean to stop it dragging us down wiht it to and both ending up stressed out.
I am always going on about lack of support for us- cos if we are stronger they will be too...but so few people can relate to running out of the house at night or being scared to go in due to a rising mania.. Image
I can't help, but my heart goes out to all of you. Thinking of you and hoping that today is one of the good days. xx
Oh Gee, I know what lifes about hun

I got so that I left home 7 yrs ago and was back n forth. I just totally collapsed mentally from exhaustion.........please dont get like that. Its a horrible place to be.

You really have to take care of you too, and to do this you need to get out there and make a fuss and riot. The best thing you could do is ring the emergency doctor at night when he is at his WORSE. They may put him in hospital and section him, you shouldn't have to go thru this.

Yes, I've been thru hell and back. After 26 yrs I tell it to them as it is!! I dictate, they HAVE to listen, I have had enough of excuses and we'll get back to you;s to last a life time. I am 50 now and disabled myself. I won't be quiet. Image

It doesn't seem like a 'straight forward case of bi-polar' I'm no doc, but it seems borderline to schiz [cant spell that sorry Image ] and you are in danger, OK you may not feel that, and it might not be the case but you need to exaggerate to make people listen.

You need to use words like
Its unpredicatable
I am living on the edge and I feel in fear
I am frightened
I feel vulnerable
He is vulnerable

I wouldn't sit and wait for them to get off they're butts to help you, you need to start shouting loudly, he needs help, you need help. He needs proffessional aide and medicating.

PLEASE PLEASE ring the NHS direct, speak to a nurse on there, they are somtimes very good at pointing you in the right directions, I had one that actually called help for me.

I don't cope at times. Sometimes I am at rock bottom, but then I just get up and get on with it, what else do we do? what can we do? we love them, wouldnt leave them [although at 4 in the morning you might want to LOL] but we come back.

We recognize the difference between ill health and the person, thats what keeps us going. Somehow.
Hi Pixie,

As I said his GP is lovely, it's his Psychiatrist who is like Spock - Cold and unempathic.

His nightmares are coming back as now he is down to 200mg a day after next week he will not be on anything for 2 weeks, so that will be fun Image Image
Ask for a second opinion, ideally through your GP if you can.
How is going?

Barrie [my hubby] has had a bit of a relapse and going thru an episode right now, could be worse. But do you wanna know why?

I rang his cpn but she was out on leave.......great thats normal.
I insisted speaking to the consultant, she advised me to increase one of his mood stabalizing meds,

the doset box has recently been handled with the local chemist, to give me relief [ya gota be kidding when you read this!!]

I went to add this extra tablet to his doset box and saw that this drug was not on his list anymore..........OLANZAPINE

So, seeing at its been easter we still have last weeks and the weeks before, empty ones now.......I checked them, NO OLANZAPINE

I rang the doctors surgery and found out that the repeat was not sanctioned since beginning of FEB no dam wonder I have Barrie unwell.............the incompetence just amazes me.

They say that now I'm getting older [I'm 50] it would be best to leave it to the PROFFESSIONALS............thats me init? I have done them for over 26 yrs and not made one mistake!

I'm furious.

Anyone else have doset boxes made up and any complaints or worries or am I just unlucky?