Carers Rights at Work, advice urgently needed please

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Kevin, glad your poor wife is 'in treatment'....

how did the meeting at work go????
Hi Jenny it went ok I remained calm. It was about my lateness as I thought. I mentioned my wife and that I am her carer and have been struggling. He was sympathetic and said I should of told them earlier about it. I have requested Flexi time which would work that if I'm late I make the time up at the end of my shift. I probably will have a mark on my record for being late.

Unfortunately I won't hear about the outcome for 2 weeks as the person is on holiday. I managed to get other things that have been getting me down. Colleagues who are trying to make me leave. But I won't leave because of them.

Fingers crossed things go ok 🤞🤞
Kevin - it's a relief they were sympathetic, and you now are 'officilaly' in their eyes someone with home life difficulties - that has to be good. But who are the colleagues wanting shot of you ,and why???

The trouble is, if they are the ones who have to 'pick up the slack' for your lateness (ie, do the work you aren't there to do??) then their cause is justified in that respect at least - can you make it up to them at all, or at least show willing?

As for your poor wife, may I say the following - if she lets her own life be as blighted as it is, then her attackers and abusers have WON.

Please let her think on that. The more unhappy and anxious and fearful she is, the more 'victory' to them......