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Wasting away, channel 4 documentary - Carers UK Forum

Wasting away, channel 4 documentary

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Although about anorexia, an interesting programme on mental health provision in UK generally

A high earning journalist with an a&e doctor spouse about the struggles they faced to get help for their daughter
Thanks for posting this, I wanted to see it and nearly missed it. Managed to record it off C4 +1,

Didn't watch the program but just flicked on as William was talking-I do think Prince William is marvellous- (and Harry & Duchess). They are doing a fantastic job campaigning for mental health issues and drawing on their personal experiences)
Unfortunately support for eating disorders in the UK can still be difficult to get. Beat are an eating disorder charity which campaigns to change this and offers support for sufferers and carers

‘Coping with Christmas’ is a one-day training course to equip you with skills to support someone, so they feel more in control and less overwhelmed, and you are able to enjoy your day together.

We are running free training courses in the following locations:
• Manchester – 16 November
• Liverpool – 17 November
• Norwich – 23 November
• Tunbridge Wells – 24 November
• Edinburgh – 30 November
• Glasgow – 1 December

Please take a look at this link here for more information - www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk/training ... nts-carers

Also, please do contact our helpline - our advisors are here 365 days a year - www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk/support-services
My son has severe learning difficulties, lives in his own flat with carer support.
Everyone is supposed to be supporting him to reduce his weight, he's ballooned since being in supported living.

Nevertheless, he had THREE CHRISTMAS DINNERS IN THREE DAYS!!! Each day service had their own Christmas Dinner, for goodness sake. I'm sure there is still a deep seated belief that people with LD are in some way neglected!!!

He was home with me at Christmas, ate really healthily. Thanks to my hard work, he only put on 1lb over the hoiday period, including these 3 dinners, when weighted at Weightwatchers. The best in the whole group.

It is the STAFF who need the training around food.