Carer breakdown due to stress

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Sacked carers friday,had hassle from duty social worker but who cares as they all care now i sacked them,shame they dont care of complaints i made.
Oh dear Tracey, sometimes you have to make a stand , but I hope it takes some of the pressure off you rather than gives you a whole lot of new things to do.
Made it clear i will do what i can but not able to do it all like i have done for 16 months with no help,some people may want to pay for crap i certainly wont,glad they have gone problem now is no one else but i cant do it all day everyday and will continue to state that to the professionals
Yes you should get what you pay for . Just remember to look after yourself at the same time as making a stand. In case Social Services get a bit Bolshy over it, make sure you have a long list of cock ups from the carers and their admin office that you had to pay for to justify your decision.
Thank you,proof is all in the notes they wrote plus witnessed by us when there no doubt they will get funny but dont care paid care to do a job not paid for crap,they will hate me being the bad person but end of day its our loved ones not theres.
I am so ill took a step back yet still no one cares,my dad is unwell with his dementia him and mum need me thats fine but as for mother inlaw she has a sister who does nowt oh sorry takes her marks and spencers now and again,selfish maybe but my health is not good and need to help mum and be there for dad.