BPD/Psychosis - What about me?

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My son also has schizophrenia and your boyfriend's symptoms - paranoid delusions- are very similar: drinks and food being poisoned, global conspiracies, being monitored by tv etc. The answer inmy opinion is antipsychotics. It took my son years to realise he was ill, he's been on various antipsychotics, there are side effects but you have to find the drug with the least unacceptable ones. It's a very difficult situation, I do really sympathetise. He can get better if he can be persuaded to get on some meds but it will be tough on you. I'm a mother so I don't have any choice. I wish you the very best.
Hi Rhea,

My son had an acute psychosis episode. Since then I have stayed off work to remain at home as his behaviour can be quite difficult for his mum.

I completely understand how draining it must be for you. The only advice that I can give is that you have to look after yourself too. I hope your boyfriend does get better and wish you all the best.