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At Wits End with CAMHS - Carers UK Forum

At Wits End with CAMHS

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.

I just need to let off steam and also looking for guidance. My daughter is 14 and is a diabetic type 1 and she also suffers from crippling mental illness: OCD and Psychosis ( a diagnosis which her CAMHS psychiatrist will not give), she cannot go to school as her panic attacks and her belief that everyone wants to kill her is so crippling that she would rather try to commit suicide rather than go, however, after numerous arguments with CAMHS , I have been able to get the Local Education Authority to agree to 5 hours home schooling. As i was being continuously threatened with a child protection order I decided to ask our GP to refer her for a second opinion as the psychiatrist seemed to take my daughter's feelings very lightly. My daughter was referred to the NWAS unit in Abergele, where finally she seemed to see a light at the end of the tunnel as both the psychologist and the psychiatrist were agreed that my daughter's symptoms warranted being admitted into the unit. My daughter was over the moon, however 2 days later her CAMHS psychiatrist burst the bubble and for the last 2 weeks my daughter has been getting worse as the CAMHS psychiatrist will not agree to her being admitted unless the staff at the unit can prove to her that this is the best option.
Once again she disregards my daughter's wishes and needs. I feel now that I must go down the complaints route as the health care which my daughter receives is abyssmal to the extent that I am also looking to move from North Wales to Cheshire but I will not be going quietly and that is why I am looking for guidance as to where to complain and where we will both be listened to.
Thank you and I apologise for my rant. Dorothy
Hi red, Im afraid I dont know the answer to your questions, but I wanted to welcome you to this forum and say that you dont need to apologise for ranting at all.
It might be a good idea to start a similar post in the New to the Forum? section
as more people are likely to see it there.

I dont have the answers for you either, I just wanted to say hello, im a fellow parent of a 14 year old, about to be admitted for the second time. I cannot understand why your daughter's psych has not been more supportive in this, I suggest you contact PALS.

Good luck and feel free to contact me if you want to chat x
I'd suggest that the first thing you do is write to CAMHS asking for a copy of your daughter's records.

You can complain directly to the CAMHS service, or to the Chief Executive of the Trust that has overall responsibility - if you hold any letters from CAMHS the details will be on the small print on the letterhead.

http://www.youngminds.org.uk/for_parents/parents_guide - this is a website for parents and children in Wales. Might be worth a look.

You might also want to read this]http://wales.gov.uk/topics/health/impro ... d+&lang=en[/url]
Whilst I understand that you fancy moving to get away from it all, think carefully. Surely you have enough on your plate just now without all the endless aggravation that any move creates? Better to sit it out and complain.