Borderline daughter

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.

I am new here but I have been looking at some posts regarding people caring for a bpd.

My daughter I'd BPD or as a consultant put it "full blown" BPD. She is very difficult to manage and I have come to the point where physically and mentally I cannot do it anymore. I love her dearly but I have let go of chasing here as she won't engage with services. I will always be there for her but only when she is ready for support. She drinks excessively to dampen her symptoms. Has anyone got any advice if what I am doing is right or wrong.

Hi Kay,
welcome to the forum.
I don't have any direct experience of caring for someone with MH problems, but others will come along who have.
I believe the MIND website has lots of info and helpline too, so worth a website.
I agree you can't force your daughter to engage with services, only she can decide to do that.