Book worms: I need your suggestions for Dad!

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My Dad used to be a voracious reader, but finds it difficult to focus now. I think this is probably a result of his current meds (olanzapine) which make him a bit drowsy and lethargic.

I wanted to get him something to read for Christmas, get his confidence up a bit. Does anyone have a recommendation for an easier going novel he might be able to get into? He loves travel, guitars, motorbikes.. classic 'Dad stuff'. He loved Harry Potter and was a big Swallows and Amazons fan as a kid. Nothing too secret service and state cover ups, not sure it would go down too well :roll:
Hi Newgirl :)

My bro-in-law (not a big reader) likes the Clive Cussler novels, especially the Dirk Pitt ones :) I've read quite a few over the years and they tend to be the 'boys adventure' type novels - easy to read with a beginning, a middle and and end !

I'd also suggest talking to the staff in one of the bigger bookshops like Waterstones as they usually have a fair idea of their stock :)
Would he enjoy a talking book?