Mental health deteriorating

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Depression am deteriorating and no support
I give up
Hi Tracie
Phone the Samaritans.
When you're ready, we're here to listen.

You don’t have to give your real name or any personal information if you don’t want to.

The quickest way to contact us and get a response is by phone on 116 123, this number is FREE to call
No need to feel so isolated
Good luck
Hello Tracie
I know a little bit about depression, if you need someone to talk to feel free to message me
Christine x
Thank you have spoke to samaritains but sadly they can't help with what needs to be done,I am fighting still for support from mental health team.
Good to hear you have spoken to the Samaritans Tracie. It's awful that trying to access help should become such a battle. I found myself in a similar situation only with social services. Trying to get a allocated social worker for my caree at the time was near impossible,every day I literally begged them to allocate a sw. It appeared that whilst I was doing the caring they didn't feel they had a duty of care. My point is trying to access help is so difficult but keep fighting for it Tracie because it should be available to anyone that needs it
Problem is fought and fought and got into an awful situation last year and still no help,it boils down to money and mh services just don't have the money

Another day battling my ann died 20 year ago today and it's my friends funeral today
Sorry to hear that Tracie
Try to keep positive although it is a sad day for you. It's awful that a service such as the mh service cannot always provide the care needed to those who need it. I've had experience with the mh teams and on the whole they were ok. It does come down to finance at times,services that are desperately needed sometimes suffer.Do you have a CPN? If not maybe this is something you should enquire about. Your gp or mh team should be able to assist you with this. As I said we shouldn't have to fight to gain access to services but all to often this is the case. Have you tried Mind...Rethink ect? No one should have to suffer alone. Don't give up (as frustrating as it is) trying to get any help you need
I have no one mh team keep refusing me help
Hi Tracie
Can I ask why the MH team are refusing you help? Surely that is not right. Anyone experiencing MH problems should have access to all the services they need, regardless of finance issues. This is only my advice and by all means you do not have to take it on board but firstly I would go back to your GP and if you don't feel that your particular GP can help then make a appointment with another GP in your practice. Explain you could really use the help from a CPN and if they cannot organise this for you (and I am certain they can) then speak to your MH team and request this. The CPN will be able to help you with any problems/issues that you are facing. You have to be not demanding as such but not fobbed off. As I have said no one should be made to try to cope alone, insist that someone listens at least to your concerns. If they do not appear to want to help for whatever reason then maybe consider getting in touch with the PALS and explain the situation. I hope this maybe of some help to you