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bi-polar - Carers UK Forum


For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
hi all,
i care for my partner who has bi-polar mood disorder and was wondering if there was anyone out there who does the same x thanks
Hi Linzilou,

This just a quick line to welcome you to the forum.A great group of people here who you will get to know in time as they get to know you.

We do have a few members who care for loved ones with Bi polar disorder and I am sure they will post when they can.

In the meantime take a good look round the site where you will find a wealth of information.

Here is a few links that may be of help to you to.

Mental Health
Rethink carers website
Saneline Mental Health advice line
Mental Health Foundation

Take care
Hi again Linzilou,

Accept my apologies about the links not showing...I am having a monday morning on a thurs morn... Image Image

Please use this following one....scroll down the page and the links will be there.

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Fin ... anisations

thanks for the welcome rosemary and thanks for the link too,hope your day gets better lol x

I've been caring for my husband who has bipolar disorder since he was diagnosed following my heart attack last year. The stress of this triggered a major episode, and most recently he was hospitalised last weekend following a psychotic episode. Unfortunately there's such a demand for treatment that although he was classed as urgent, he's been left waiting for appointments, which will be sent by post. I find it really difficult to cope with him at the moment. We are both currently unemployed and although his doctor signed him off from July to January this year, he was reluctant to continue due to pressure from his GP practice. The psychiatrist at the hospital said he shouldn't even be looking for work in his current condition.

Because of my husband's illness we don't have many friends, and I am reluctant to burden family with our problems. Our financial situation is grave, we sold our house (following redundancy) and I have taken the burden of responsibility, but the stress of being chased by creditors and the threat of losing our rented home is making my husband worse.

If there is anyone out there who has experience of this and could point me in the right direction I would be so grateful. I have even emailed the Samaritans but they just asked me if I had ever contemplated suicide! No, I haven't - but my husband has.

Thanks for listening. Diane
Hi Diane,

Welcome to forum where I hope you will find the help and support you need for yourself as well as your hubby.

If he is unfit for work,his doctor has to give him a sick note,especially if you have had this confirmed by the specialist he is under.If you have any further problems getting one ,contact the local medical board or enlist help of your MP.

Sharing our problems with family is something most of us will relate to Diane.At times we dread others knowing our personal business but better to do it sooner when they can still help than later when it possibly becomes an emergency and they have no idea what to do.If you think they will help you, please consider talking to them,make them aware of the situation.It may help release some of your own stress to confide in someone you know.

Previously on this thread I posted a link for Linzilou to an information page of CUK which lists many places to get help.Try find time to look it over.
http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Fin ... anisations

Have you had a benefits check Diane for both of you.Are you claiming all that you're entitled too.This is a necessity since you are struggling financially.

CarersLine 0808 808 7777

CarersLine is Carers UK's free advice line for carers. It is open on Wednesday and Thursday each week between 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm. Telephone 0808 808 7777

You also have Welfare Rights
Citizens Advice Bureau

This next one is for help and support about mental health problems..
0845 767 8000
Opening times 1pm to 11pm every day.

Here is the address for the carers group in Leeds....
Leeds PRT Carers Centre
6-8 The Headrow
West Yorkshire


If you have time to contact them,you may meet others in a similar situation to your own.

Social services could be a port of call too but I think I have bombarded you enough for now with the above.Hopefully in amongst the information you will get some support.

In the meantime Diane,keep posting to offload any further worries,dont bottle them up.We wont have all the answers but we can listen.

Be strong
x x x
Hi Diane.

I can't add anything to Rosemary's excellent and comprehensive advice, but I would like to say hello and tell you how much I have appreciated the support from the people on this forum. Somehow being able to share your problems with people who are sympathetic and who have often been there themselves males life look a little less bleak, and I figure you need that at the moment.

Good luck and God bless
The only thing I would add is that if the specialist is saying "you shouldn't be looking for work" he can provide a certificate. The advantage being nobody would dare question a consultant on the subject if it came time to reviewing the benefit.

Thank you both for your replies which have been very helpful, I'll look into all the links you posted, sometimes it is difficult to know where to turn.

With regard to families, what I'm very much aware of is that everyone has their own problems and we feel reluctant to add to their worries. My three grown up children (my husbands step children) are very understanding, but at times feel I shouldn't have to cope with this. My husbands family - and there is a family history of bipolar - are typically Yorkshire - and have been reluctant to admit the reality of my husbands condition, though they are supportive in theory, they phone, but stay away.

Thanks for being there / here!

We are like the Pimpernel.....

Here, there and everywhere...

Mind you...thats how my nana used to descibe horses muck Image Image Image