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Anyone out there?

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hello Fringe & Claire, You are both doing so well, as a carer who also experiences bouts of depression I think i can understand where you are coming from, Whatever you do don't give up & look after yourselves too, I think it is well known that this time of the year is probably the wost for people who suffer from depression & their carers. All I can say is that going for walks in the parks or being near trees really makes a difference for me, a big difference to be honest. Talking to someone is also useful again the Samaritans is there for everyone not just people who feel suicidal but people like you who buffer those they care about against such a condition as depression. Do use all your supports networks including the Samaritans simply having someone listen to us & take us seriously can & often does make such a difference. Flowers in the house is also not such a bad idea, it brings healing & hope, the outdoors into the house especially if getting out is difficult as is often the case I know. Also I often found writing things down helped, helped to put into words things which are otherwise so hard to describe, for carer & the person suffering from severe depression, & above all as this site demonstrates ''you are never alone.
Good luck god bless, take care, Paul.
Thank you Ladybird and thank you Paul...You've both made me feel very welcome. You have no idea what a relief it is just to be able to communicate with people that really understand. I feel stronger than I did this time last week thanks to spending time on this site. x
Aww, I'm very glad that it's helping you. Please feel free to join in anywhere you want to..or sit back and read if you prefer, it's up to you.

Take care xx
Welcome from me too. Ive certainly found this a friendly site
Welcome from me

Hope the meds help I have mh issues and care for my husband and its very hard indeed
Hi Claire and everyone else who has posted on this thread.
Sorry I haven't been back for a week or so. Hubby hass been a bit better over the past week but seems to be a little low again today. I know it is always like this but I suppose I always hope when he feels a bit better that it might last a while. He went to see the mental health team today but they don't seem to be able to offer much. he is on new meds and sleeping slightly better but he otherwise feels that they can't really offer him anything.
Thanks to everyone who has posted supportive comments on here - it is very much appreciated.
To Claire - I just hope that by posting here and having others who understand what you are going through, that it makes you feel a little less alone.
Hi Fringe, it really does, thank you.
You have my sympathy regarding what I call the 'up-swings' (although that's a somewhat generous description)...I always hope that the slightly better periods will last longer than they do. Even after years, and knowing the patterns of ups and downs that my husband's depression takes, I always feel crushed when he dips again and then I'm annoyed at myself for thinking it could be any other way. I guess it's just difficult to get a flavour of how much better it could be (even if the improvement is a subtle one) and then have it go away again. It can be so emotionally draining. At the moment, It's great that your hubby is sleeping better at least...try to use this little lull, however long it may last, to recover a little yourself. x