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Dad with mental health issues - Carers UK Forum

Dad with mental health issues

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Help! I am desperate I dont know what to do....my disabled dad has mental health issues and lately he has become very difficult to deal with...he used to previously have mental health treatment but they stopped it as he has now become physically disabled too after a stroke and he was mentally ok for a while but now its come back....I am worried though that any mental health medication might have side effects on him as years of it took a toll on his body and I dont want it to make him heavily sedated or give him other conditions...is there a mild form of treatment he can have? he desperately needs some form of treatment otherwise Iam going to go crazy too....[/b]
Hello there Babsy - I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's condition. Sorry to say that I'm not able to advise on medication - your doctor would be the one to talk to about that.
It must be a terrible shock to you to see his old condition returning and frustrating not being able to deal with it yet.
Apologies for not being of more help, but am sending love and ((((((((((hugs))))))) to help support you xx

Sorry for the delays...I was away.
Best thing you can do is to talk to your dad's doctor - hope he/she has a good awareness about mental ill health.

Having side effects are really depending on individual and psychiatric medication takes a few weeks to start working. But often it is noticable some medication which does not help. If dosage is too srtong it can be reduced but it is down to doctor.

I think you need some support as well. Have you tried to talking to your local Carers Centre?

Hopo thing will get better soon.

Take care.