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Any funding for counselling for carers? - Carers UK Forum

Any funding for counselling for carers?

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.

I'm caring for someone with severe mental health difficulties. They've been in hospital most of the last 8 months, repeated suicide attempts, personality disorder, anxiety & depression.

I have been treading water and coping all in all until fairly recently when it's all started to get too much. I really could do with some counselling but can't afford it. From memory all the GP will fund is CBT (which is not what I need)? Is there any other funding out there for carers to receive formal counselling?

Hi Wendy I don't know if this applies in all areas but I went to my gp last week as like you I was struggling. He gave me a self referral for for talking therapy I sent it off and received a reply yesterday. There is a 5 week waiting list but it's free and they offer all sorts of therapy including one to one counselling . Hope this helps
My local Carers support group offers counselling. I dont know if this is typical but if you have a local support group, they may offer something. They may well have a carers group which may lead to some useful information?

Also, my son's Early Intervention Centre referred me to https://www.healios.org.uk/ for 10 free sessions on the phone of an hour each. They have been fantastic. They help you to find ways to communicate with your mentally ill relative. I think I have been lucky to have had an excellent person at the other end of the phone but there outlook has been very helpful. I don't know how you get a referral but you could ask your GP?
If you speak to your GP, they should be able to give you the name of a local self referral group :)
Thanks everyone. The GP has given me a few numbers to call. They all seem to be either totally CBT or CBT based but I'll ring round and see what might be best. The carers support group looks like a good place to go too.

I appreciate your helpful posts.