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Any advice welcome - Carers UK Forum

Any advice welcome

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Oh piscesmaid, have a (((((hug)))))

It must have broken your heart. My husband is diabetic, and it is nearly 29 years since we first started courting. His signs of low blood sugar have changed a lot, and he now becomes violent. It does not happen very often,about once every two years, and he tends to go from one act of violence, usually against himself, to being heartbroken and crying. I have talked to the GP, who says I have to live with this!I nursed a man once, who had broken his wifes arm, when in a low blood sugar attack. He was the nicest man too.

Would you be able to write a letter to your chief of police, explaining the circumstances, and that your husband is ill, and as such, needs to be supported?This could help in the future. If it does happen again, you could always phone 999 for the ambulance, and tell them that your mentally ill husband is going through a bad moment, and you would be very glad of some assistance.

What about your local MIND group. They have support for Carers too, and they may be able to offer you advice for the future.

I am sorry not to be able to offer more help, but I am sure a few people will see your post and get in touch.

Pisces Maid - I'm about as useful as a chocolate teapot in that I can't even begin to offer you advice, but just wanted you to know that I feel for your situation and and hope that you and your husband find the help and support you so desperately need.

Perhaps, request for a CPN and talk to the psychiatrist + GP for the next step forward.
Hope the situation is getting better for you.
Rethink forum has been updated - I am also on the both forum Image

Take care
Hi Piscesmaid,

I can't offer you practical advice but send big hugs to you.

Karen x x
oooo hun have a massive hug on me
Hi Piscesmaid
I cannot offer you any advice, but wanted to offer my support. I hope you get some help.
Lots of hugs
Bluebird xx
u find that though, those that diagnose often dont live with it, im extreamly lucky that one of the ladies i see is in the job because her husband likes yours got the wrong treatment and was badly treated, very nice lady and very understanding.
Not all mental health workers are bad, and most of wot they know is out a text book, read up on everything u can, get knowledge but dont try to diagnose him yourself, then u r armed when u meet any one with questions and knowledge can go along way
My husband has had bi polar since his twenties, he is now 55 and I am 50 its hard. There is such a thing called HOME INTERVENTION TEAM they can be contacted in any emergency. You need to have a Community psychriatic nurse really, you can also contact the doctor and out of hours emergency doc who will most likely contact the home intervention team. They will come out and assess him and mostly likely admit him into hospital.

Tegratol may not be enough [by the sound of it] to control his mood swings,he may need a balance of drugs to do this. My husband takes depakote [mood stabalizing drug as well as tegratol] and a fortnightly injection, and a side effect tablet, hes doing well now, we get hick ups but hes never since got violet, ill yes and manic, but not harmful and distructive. You need to contact the GP and get the ball rolling to get noted in the area that treats mental health or you will become unwell yourself or worse xx
thats my advice.
my other half has bipolar 1- usually we try calling the crisis team or home interventions as they like to be called and for bipolar 1 they dont come out- you have to call police- in our area he is know to many of them and they understand he is not well. he still spends hours in a cell most occaiosn while waiting for psych to come but he is safe. have asked local trust Avon & wiltshire when they are goin to stop using police cells in this way so ask your trust too- they shouyld have plans to allocate a ward or unit for some one to go to.......when my mate gets aggressive he does not get arrested as it is always due to his illness - not sure why police did not take in him for safety as you had called them into house..probably some legal thing...my advice would be to at some point in near future work out a water tight plan of what to do when he goes - my mate can become extremely pyschotic but unless I start shouting or he damages something he is left at home to cope- so getting the meds right is important - getting the mental health staff to know when you think they is a problem and keeping numbers by the phone etc but mostly talking to him when well. My mate just want to not hurt anyone and keep himself safe when ill or not get ill would be his preference. It can take a long time to recover from a bad episode and very occaosionally they can go down but more ofen its the dramatic manias which cauase a problem. We have on occaions made the local news with manic behavoiur. I am not sure how you are coping and hope you find support here- but first couple of times this happened to me i was all over th e place with a mix of shock , fear for the future and grief and had to take time of work. Please look after yourself as if not you lose the strength to help them.....good luck - some meds and rest and gentle support all round to you both should make things much better
how has he been since this?

the worse thing is he most proberly feels guilty as he cant control anything which will make him even more un-happy

it is shocking and annoying there is more help if u r a junkie than unwell