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daycentre woes

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I posted this elsewhere in this forum but just found this mental health section so am posting again here as it is more appropriate.

My mum has schizophrenia and goes to a day centre once a week but HATES it. She's been going for 20 years and there is no difference in her reaction from then and now. There is no reason why she hates it apart from the fact that she doesn't want to leave home and go somewhere different where they can't provide one-to-one care like I do. I have been to the day centre and haven't found anything really wrong there. If I went with mum and stayed there with her there, it would defeat the object of sending her.

Does anyone else have a similar problem with their carees? I always feel guilty and wondered how others cope/react. I wondered if others continue to send their carees to the day centre or have stopped them going because of their reactions.

Hi Lambchop- my hubby who has Aspergers and Recurrent Depression Syndrome point blank refuses to go which is why I no longer work and am a carer. You made me think of my dad though , when he was alive a few years ago.He got dementia, had a few strokes, and my Mum gave him a trial run in a day centre.He hated it.They weren't treating him badly either, but he just hated being away from his home.I was so sad for him but luckily my mum soon gave in and had him home with her.Now my mum is in a home ( she's 90 ) and she hated it and I'm sure if she had the capacity left,she'd still be hating it.None of us were in a position to take her though.
If your mum has been going for 20 years she must be coping though ?
best wishes
Does she hate it when she's there or when she's at home? Sometimes the reaction is a bit different... sometimes people need to feel that they have some sort of control...