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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Blimey- I hope your husband isn't going to go straight off them as the withdrawal symptoms could be awful without a good back up for him to go straight onto.Also- it may be very hard on you if it alters his behaviour.Please keep us updated,
take care
There are two groups of medication available-'typical'like Respiridone and 'atypical' like Clozapine.Their effectiveness isn't very great (usually acting as 'chemical coshes')and all-as carers have commented-have serious and if unwatched potentially life threatening side-effects.In psychotic illness we are talking about management not cure,as Freud said more than a century ago.'Rehabilitation' and 'Recovery' are mantras chanted in mental health but what they mean is some very rough delineation of patients who can/cannot be treated in the community.The criteria are practical rather than diagnostic.If the patient has a carer and is compliant with medication 'supported living'is viable but even then periods of hospitalisation are almost inevitable.Patients with 'treatment resistant schizophrenia' usually need to be permanently hospitalised.Often trusts have found patients so diagnosed have been put in the 'difficult ot place'(?)category by the PCT and whisked away to hugely expensive and highly inacessible private sector units with staff turnover levels at 40%-ten times the norm for the NHS! This will stop as PCTs are replaced by medical consortia aghast at weekly fees of £2-£3k when NHS trusts can provide high quality care locally and at vastly reduced cost.One trust is already going ahead with plans for such a unit and I feel privileged as a carer to have been invited to join the working group.If your relative has been 'dispaced'in this way ASK YOUR TRUST WHY!
Just an update. My husband weaned himself off the antipsychotic Seroquel and within a fortnight had lost a stone.

Physically things are great, but obviously my husband is mentally distressed because he neds an atipsychotic.

All that kept him going was the appointment that he had booked for this month. Unfortunately 2 hours before the appointment, his Psyh's secretary rang to cancel as he ws unwell. As there are only 2 Psych's covering Exeter's mental health team and both are inundated we now have to wait until March 30th. My husband was desperately needing meds and so his care co-ordinator had a meeting with his doctor to see what they could do, as unfortuanately they cannot give him another Antipsychotic until he has seen the Psych.

So they have offered him Valium to get him through the next few weeks. Take itor leave it. We have looked it up on the net and are appalled to see that it can be dangerous to give it to someone who suffers from Depression as it exacerbates the symptoms.

Maybe they want him to top himself, then he won't be a problem any longer. Image Image Image Image Image Image
Hi Harriet, valium? I suppose that's to help with the anxiety?
Strangely my hub had his appt y'day with his shrink,she is keeping him on the Risperidone as it may be making him gain weight, but it isn't having a cosh effect and he is notably less aggressive and calmer.She did give him some advice on the need to lose weight which he listened to seriously-then came home and cooked a big indian meal.!! Until he is ready, no matter what anyone says, he won't stick to a diet- I have tried to persuade him but no go.

You are in a cleft stick.I think it's stupid that only shrinks can prescribe anti-psychotics. So the plan was to put him on another one which they hoped presumably wouldn't make him gain weight.? why all this preoccupation with his weight? surely to not be suicidal or losing it is more important?

Do you think your GP could help? A and E ? please keep us posted,
best wishes
Valium can be addictive but it works well with many people. Ideally, taking valium is for a short term - 2wks then slowly to come off. Or it can be taken as needed base (e.g. one at night).

What is the dosage given to your hubby? If his depression is so bad as suicidal or having homicidal thoughts or having severe flashbacks etc...it is better than no medication. My husband was given 4mg tablet 2 a day at first but it was too much. He is now allowed to keep 2mg (one at night) tablet at home (with my supervision) for emergency.

Valium is safe to take as long as it is monitored by doctor or nurse. It is not always necessary to take them continuously. It depends on individuals. NO ALCOHOL!

I would speak to mental health team again. Also, GP can be involved to support and work along with MH team.

Take care.