who to ask for assessment?

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I dont live in the same county as my caree so who do i ask for assessement- ??

I am not happy at level of support services provided to the person I care for and I am having to give up work gradually over the next few months- can they dispute this as they are suppose to provide high level support.......i dont call one visit in 10 days high level support!!!

I have been told to do assessment as if when things are at their worse- worried this might not bring about any change at all and just get agencies etc angry at me....

advice gratefully recieved.
Hi Goose

Firstly, the carers assessment is usually carried out by the authority responsible for your caree. So if you lived in Devon, for example, and your caree lived in neighbouring Somerset, then the Somerset authority would be responsible for you.

Absolutely tell them what things can be like on the worst days. They need to know how bad it can be, and that you are losing time off from work: the government is keen that carers should be able to stay in work if possible, and local authorities are tasked with supporting this.