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Advice about pip please - Carers UK Forum

Advice about pip please

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone can advise me regarding pip payments. My son currently recieves esa every fortnight but his care co ordinator has arranged for him to apply for pip as well. My son isn't keen to go ahead as he has heard that if he receives pip then the esa wI'll either stop or be reduced by half. I no I could ask citizens advice but I'm not off work for ages and could do with knowing soon . Thank you in advance
ESA is an income related benefit. PIP is a disability benefit, there is no means test for it. However, if your son qualifies, it may mean he is eligible for additional benefit "premiums". That's a quick and simple explanation, from someone else with an adult disabled son. For a detailed personal explanation, get in touch with the Carers UK helpline, either by phone, or email if you can't get through by phone.
Thanks bowling bun I'll try that and thanks for explaining I'm not used to the benefit system !
Can I ask how old your son is? What is the nature of his disability. The DWP have an "appointee" scheme for those who cannot manage their own benefits, which would normally be a family member. My son was once in a care home, and a member of staff was what they call a "corporate appointee". What this meant is that the home claimed all the money they possibly could and didn't claim any money which the parents were entitled to when their children were home on holiday! When other parents found out I was appointee, they all gradually reclaimed appointeeship for their own (adult) children. Sadly, some discovered that even the money in their children's own accounts had been misappropriated.
My son is 23 and is schizophrenic. That sounds really dishonest to cheat vulnerable people out of money that is rightfully theirs. My son has no idea about money and budgeting but he lives with me at the moment so I'm there to help. It worries me for the future as I think he will always need assistance and unfortunately there will always be people who will take full advantage of that