I've been a passionate reader since the age of nine,never more so than now at 69,when I find cold weather keeps me indoors.I have a couple of hundred books in a bookcase by my bedside.Like Churchill I work from my bed but alas with no secretary!The books I have beside me are current reading,major,usually American psycho-analytic texts written over the last half century which I read and re-read.Most of the rest are French,novels and poetry with English translations.I prefer poetry to prose but translations are rare so I hit on the idea of collecting modern French novels which it was fashionable to translate from the fiftities and sixties and can be bought on the net for pennies.I was thus introduced to The French New Novel.Robbe Grillet, writes beautifuly at times but whose work can tip over into structure without substance and I much prefer Michel Butor, whose' La Modification ' combines a rich jewelled textual tapestry with deep psychological insights.I find the sheer size of Proust daunting.As well as the French and English texts I have a CD set in French but even so I feel it will be a decade to work through the text in its entirety.Mallet-Joris was almost as famous as Sagan(who I read when I was 18) and her long forgotten 'House of Lies',togther with a collected 'Colette' form my most current reading matter."Old men should be explorers"as Eliot wrote and I have tipped into Spanish and Italian but for the present French is my passion.