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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Good morning to all,
I am looking for some direction,please. My wife who is suffering from mental health issues that unfortunately means that she completely distrusts all doctors,health workers, she becomes very distressed when ever the door bell rings ( I am pressuming this is as a result of her recall of being sectioned), I believe her medication doseage is not correct as her instances of regression are more prevalent, she has not had her bloods checked for 4 years or more (underactive thyroid) and her weight is increasing.
How can I get her the medical attention she requires??
my wife as alzheimers and is absolutely terrified of sleeping,going out,the dark and most things,i've found that loads of cuddles and love is helping her,she will now come out with me but cries at the thought of going out with somebody else,i've found as well that not making an issue of the az helps and to let her think her life is normal,i sometimes have to be assertive with her in a loving way like you would with a child,you might be able to work this into your situation.
Hi Malc,
Thanks for the reply, although my wife the majority of the time is "normal" it is when the parnoid episodes kick in that my difficulties begin, the fact she was sectioned was because she stabbed me, so when the paranoia cuts in, I have to be on my guard, the last thing I want is to have her sectioned again.
that sounds like a scary situation for you to be in,you must really love her,how do you sleep at night thinking that she might stab you again,i think the reason you need to get meds sorted is for your safety,try the lots of love approach you might be surprised,but you def need something sorting.
Hi, Sleeping? I seem to have developed a "built-in" sixth sense I have woken on two occasions to find her stood in the room armed with a knife, she is not just out to harm me, she believes the neighbours can get through the walls into our house, and it makes no difference what anyone says she believes it to be true.
Hi there,

I was wondering if your wife may be able to come up with a sort of advance directive so you know what her wishes are when when she becomes ill.
Perhaps there is one professional in particular she does trust?
Hi, my wifes illness in simple terms means she believes she is well, and any medication makes her unwell. Her illness is spontaneous in how it manifests, the triggers are both countles and endless, it can be a simple name or person, a comment a news story, I watch any tv 24 hours after normal people have watched it, so if there is any awkward things I can fast forward them, live news is a no no.