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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
To the most bravest person i no.

MY mum was normally a happy go lucky, funloving person,who loved shopping, and caring for her famliy was her quest inlife. just like me.

The day it all change, my dad phoned to say mum was drunk 7am and she was hurling up and trying to walk to the shop in her nightie cause she had ran out of booze, the usual phone calls started, doctors, clinics, support groups, the phone calls never stopped day after day...dad got angry,enough that he was leaving her, had enough, she had every tablet on the market, one relaspe after another, she hid drink everywhere, she called friends to get it, they hung up on her... slowly but surely everyone who had tryed so hard, left me to get on with it.. her broken promises were now to much to bare.

then it got worse... dad who was now at breaking point, phoned to say she not eating, hasnt been for days, she says she wants to die, she wont get dressed, she wont get out of bed, im scared to leave to go to work, i cant, she needs serious help, we need her sectioned, she had tryed already to eat some pills but dad had just caught her, she went from 9st to 5 st rapidly, she would eat a cracker then spit it back up unable to swallow it, it made her heave! she wouldnt wash, hardly say a word not even bothered who she was now hurting, didnt care ,there were tears from her and that sorry face, but we didnt even believe that now...we now couldnt leave her for a second incase she killed herself.

doctors said depression and drink abuse... but if she wont help herself what could they do..

I dragged her ass to meetings , i refused to give up i refused to see my mother so low that her own family were now nothing to her, i just new that somewhere in her mental state, illness, there was something that would trigger her back to reality.

I spent 9 months talking to her, taking her out even when she refused, managing somehow to dress her , do her hair, and coax her for a walk around the park or go the shops, i gave her the medication she refused to take, daily putting it in orange juice with the excuse it had vodka in it, it didnt, never did.but she was aloud small amounts to wean her off, cold turkey was not an opption, always remembering her how much i loved her and her family, every day showing her pictures of family and when she was happy.

1 YEAR AND 6 MONTHS LATER.. taking every small step with one or two hiccups along the way, mum i can say is getting up, washing, going out, loving life again, drink free, and tablet free. and the bond we have is even stronger than before, she made me, created me, i wasnt about to let my mother die from an illness that took her mentally and physically away, after all that SHE WENT THROUGH.. she is the bravest person i know, that one day when SHE DECIDED, to get better and i and dad helped her on her journey back from this horrid illness, i will howerever never forget... 6 MONTHS AFTER... SHE DID THE SAME FOR ME!! I WENT THROUGH IT ALL too, i love you mum and dad. u said i saved u, but u inturn saved me. x
Karenanne, I've a feeling she might say YOU are the bravest person she has ever known.
You beat me to it, Myrtle.

Karenanne, you left me lost for words, and most people round here would find that surprising...

Well done to the three of you.
well done to all of you.((((((((hugs)))))))).I agree with Myrtle.xx
I have goosebumps and tears reading this.
You are a wonderful daughter and should be proud
Well done to you and your Mum
Thank you for sharing
You are all so kind,

(((((( group hug))) ... ive never told anyone, except the people who experianced it with me.

but i felt a need to just type everything out and get it out my system.
thank you so much for the kind words.

being on both sides, of this illness, i can truely say i BEAT IT BIG TIME. but i could have been such a different story ,im only glad my family network is so strong.

xx kaz
Kaz, a truly inspiring account. Well done to all of you. May you all stay strong and reap the rewards.

You have astonished me................in a good way.

Take care