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22 year old brother with depression and possible psychosis, currently in the middle of a crisis and our family are struggling - Carers UK Forum

22 year old brother with depression and possible psychosis, currently in the middle of a crisis and our family are struggling

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hello there, this is actually my first post, so hopefully I'm doing this right..

My 22 year old brother has depression and possible psychocis, although we are unsure whether cannabis is making him psychotic because he uses it all the time as a 'medication', because he doesn't want to take prescribed medication anymore.

He was sectioned last year, but had a bad experience in hospital and at the time it didn't appear to be any good for him.

He seems to now be having another mental breakdown or psychotic episode, was taken to hospital but has avoided being sectioned – we are currently waiting for a crisis team to contact us at home. He definitely needs professional help, we just feel so out of our depth but we don't know how to behave with him.

Does anyone have any experience or advice on how I could act with my brother? Until now we have been too scared to be too firm with him, as gentle discussion and trying to persuade him that cannabis his harmful to him just ends up in falling out and agitating him. I think this time we need to be more firm, but in a way that won't make him angry and just go off and loose contact with us, we are frightened of pushing him away.

I would be really grateful for any advice or anyone that's been in a similar situation, for things that have help them.

Thank you
I have a 40 year old brother who suffers from depression and drinks alcohol he also suffers from paranoia.

He has had problems since he was 14.We have supported him all the way but at the end of the day they have to want the help if they are not ready then no amount of help from the family will make them do it.

All you can do is be there for them but over time it can put a great strain on the family.

My brother has done hospitals counselling even prison but still chooses to drink and not take his medication.

Your brother needs to get his medication sorted out and Im sure the cannabis is probably making things worse.

Im new here myself I hope your brother gets the help he needs.x :)
Thank you Ellen for your reply, it's a comfort to hear from someone.

Your situation sounds tough as well, I know what you mean, they have to be willing to accept help, and I hope that soon my brother will realise this.

We have tried to let him know how we are all so worried (without making him feel guilty) but we also want him to know to some extent what the effects are on the family, because sometimes it does feel as though everything is on hold.

It's hard because the hardest thing is getting him to realise and accept he needs help, but because of his illness, and state of mind, he thinks he knows best, he thinks everybody that is trying to help is wrong. So in a way I feel as though we need to be more forceful, because as his sister and a member of his family that cares about him, well as we all do, we feel it's our duty to get the help for him. I know he would know what to do with me if it was the other way around, and it's frustrating :(

Does your brother accept to having a problem with alcohol?

Hi Kate and welcome to the forum. I hope that your brother does get the help that he so obviously needs. Hard for you to look on and see what is happening to someone you love. x x
My brother has accepted in the past that he has a drink problem and has treatment for it but he still drinks he says its a coping mechanism for his other problems.

He does not listen to any advise from us or doctors mental health teams no body.

I came to this site as my mum has dementia and I can say I get very little support from my brother as he is so wrapped up in his own little world.

It can be very frustating but you can only do your best.xxx :)
Hello Ellen, it sounds as though you really are doing your best, stay strong, it's awful to watch those you care for decline. Take care xxx
:) Hi Kate how are things with your brother at the moment?
Hi Ellen nice to hear from you. Things are difficult at the moment. He has been told he is bipolar, so we are learning about that and how we can help. At the moment he is quite delusional, has all these beliefs he thinks are real. But he is taking medication now, so perhaps the meds will help soon. I hope so, it's not a very sustainable situation at home, the way things are, but everyone involved thinks home is the best place rather than hospital. It's just difficult to know when to say we can't do it anymore.

How are things for you at the moment Ellen? x
Your brother sound very similar to mine.We thought he had bipolar but they said its a personality disorder!!! sometimes I don't think they know them selves.

I hope things get better for you all as a family its very hard for us as a family to accept and to find a way of coping.

Im not so good at the moment trying to come to terms with my mums dementia and not get very much support from my brother.xxxxxxxxxx
I'm sorry to hear that :( other than your brother do you have any other close family members that could support you? Do you find people to talk to on this forum about dementia specifically? I'm afraid I don't really have any experience on it.

It sounds like an incredibly tough time for you, make sure you try and find time for yourself. I hope you can find comfort and advice from here perhaps, with people going through similar things. xxx