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For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
M was brain damaged at birth, the cord was round his neck and he was slow to breathe, but there was a big cover up, long sad story. Part of him is operating at 3 year old level, can't read write or do any maths, but can be trusted to light up and look after a 10 ton steam roller! He lives in a privately rented flat, on his own, with carer support. Rent paid in full by Housing Benefit. Feel free to send me a PM.
Thanks for that BB. I don't think that would work for her. She would need someone with her 24/7. She does crazy things like wakes up at 4am to take the rubbish out leaving the door wide open and doesn't understand what danger she puts herself in or others.

I know they have hostel kind of things for young people and people with MH issues but I don't know about physical ailments but I guess this could be looked into.

Sorry BB and Penny, can I just ask, if someone went to the GP with her, would they be able to talk without her in the room or would she have to be there? I know for a fact she would say she is fine and nothing is wrong with her.

Still can't work out why the GP's have not noticed anything. When she walks, she walks like she is going to fall over and she won't walk in the middle of a path, she will walk into the wall or table. Truth be told, until Penny mentioned dyspraxia, I thought she was just being silly walking into walls and tables and tripping up. My bad. But I'm not her carer and never will be so trying to sort things out for her whilst Mum is still about.

Sorry if I sound awful. I never agreed to look after or care for anyone in the family, it just happened. I'm happy to do it for Mum but not the siblings - and I do it begrudgingly! I would rather they try and gain a bit of independence and life skills before it's too late.

some people are funded for 24/7 support, some live in small group homes or share a flat/house and have shared 24/7 care. There are lots of options. GPs are jack of all trades and masters of none. They have very little training about special needs. A friend of ours trained to be a GP a few years ago and literally had one afternoon lecture on special needs!!

Your GP will only talk to you about her without her there if she agrees this. Nothing stopping you writing to him though about your concerns.