Quick background, I have a learning disability that caused me a lot of trouble in elementary/middle school. I didn’t learn to read until the third grade, then struggled to commit my thoughts to paper, then struggled with math in middle school. By the time i was in high school I had essentially given up. It was diagnosed a number of times throughout my childhood but none of the treatments seemed to stick.

As I have gotten older (30/m) I have worked through those issues, rerolled in college and have mostly excelled. Now that I am in the transition from the community college level to the university level these hurdles seem to be starting to re-emerge.

It’s not exactly that I expected pursuing a math intensive degree (economics) to be easy for me but it constantly seems like I am hitting walls that seem insurmountable.

While I don’t have any trouble implementing the core ideas of calculus in my approach to solving higher level problems.

In the past I have struggled with the introduction of a new concept for an inordinate amount of time and the made huge leaps in my understanding of the subject (i.e. went from being illiterate at the beginning of 3rd grade to having a 9th grade reading level at start of the 4th). Now things seem different, it seems like I am quickly losing the progress I have made in higher math, calculus went smoothly but now I am struggling with algebra as it applies to proofs.

Has anyone had a similar issue in their ability to navigate life as an adult with a learning disability as well as a strong desire to understand complicated and rigorous subjects?

The degree I am pursuing in economics is something I do online for personal fulfillment after my real job as a carpenter.