Shocking report

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities ... inal-6.pdf

This report explores the premature deaths of people with a LD due to poor medical care, neglect and/or abuse.

Women with learning disabilities are likely to die 28 years earlier than their non disabled peers. Men with learning disabilities are likely to die 23 years earlier than non disabled men.

1131 deaths were referred for investigation but lack of resources meant that only 103 of these deaths were reviewed. There is no timescale as to when the other 1028 deaths will be investigated or those that will be referred after the reports publication.

Of the 103 reviews, 13% of deaths were found by the review team to be down to:

Neglect or abuse.
Organisational dysfunction.
Delays in care or treatment.
Gaps in service provision.

The 103 reviews have highlighted three areas for learning:

1.Inter-agency collaboration and communication.
2.Awareness of the needs of people with learning disabilities
3.The understanding and application of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA).

These are so basic, it is deplorable.

Thanks for sharing this Melly, I shall bring the recommendations up at our LD Partnership Board Meeting, especially focussing on the Annual Health Check, and how it is supposed to be shared, and action taken. If it wasn't for me, M wouldn't ever have this. Due in January, both the GP and the Care Provider are meant to make sure it happens. I've chased it a number of times, agency finally made a normal length appointment with a doctor who wasn't M's GP. Not enough time to do it, wrong doctor, so it's got to be done again. Usually, it then gets stuffed into a filing drawer and forgotten about. Agency say "not my job" to liase with any other service!!
I saw this too. Mark Neary has made some scathing comments too, especially becuase of when it was released at a time when it would be ignored by most major news channels